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LG is experimenting with rollable smartphones

LG, the company behind the mind-bendingly cool rollable television, is looking to bring the same flexible display tech to smartphones, according to one of the company’s top executives. The CTO of the Korean electronics company confirmed in an interview with Tom’s Guide that the company is experimenting with rollable and foldable phones. SEE ALSO: The...CONTINUE READING
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Apple’s reported 2019 lineup comprises an LCD iPhone and one with three rear cameras

There will be a new iPhone with an LCD screen this year.  This is according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, which claims the company is planning to launch a new version of the “struggling” iPhone XR, the LCD-equipped, lower-cost iPhone Apple had launch alongside the high-end iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. ...CONTINUE READING

Samsung’s foldable telephone to reach within the first part of 2019

Samsung‘s foldable phone myth is (painfully) slowly turning into an actual product.  After years of rumors, the company showed a prototype of the device in November, and now at CES, a company exec revealed a very rough launch date — the first half of this year.  SEE ALSO: Samsung‘s new Space monitor is perfect for tiny...CONTINUE READING

This could be the primary actual photograph of Samsung’s Galaxy S10

Samsung‘s Galaxy S10 is not exactly a secret anymore, but today we might be getting our first real glimpse of the actual device.  The photo comes courtesy of reporter Evan Blass (@evleaks) and shows a phone that definitely fits the description of what we expect the Galaxy S10 to be.  Samsung Galaxy S10 “Beyond 1,”...CONTINUE READING

Smartphone dependancy impacts teenagers and fogeys alike

Tech addiction is a growing issue that’s often centered around children and teens, but adults are plenty susceptible to problematic behaviors and overuse when it comes to smartphone and social media use. Pew Research Center surveyed teens ages 13 to 17 and their parents. It found that both groups have plenty of trouble unplugging. Of...CONTINUE READING

5G consciousness is large in towns, lags at the back of VR and AI

Everyone wants to get the word out on 5G. (What’s 5G? Read What Is 5G? for the answer.) For now, as we wait for true 5G networks to launch, it’s mostly about marketing. Thus T-Mobile, which has a stake in how 5G is perceived, did a study to “understand consumer attitudes and perceptions of 5G...CONTINUE READING

Good day, crew Android: Get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 on sale for $161 off at Amazon

We’re guessing you’re reading this because you didn’t get the shiny new smartphone that was on the top of your holiday list. Luckily, you don’t need Santa when you have Amazon. Non-iPhone people can snag a new, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 for an insane $558.81 — that’s $161 off the retail price on Samsung’s site and...CONTINUE READING
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