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Smash Mouth calls out DJ Khaled and wants you to go down on your girlfriend

Iconic American alt-rock band Smash Mouth, has somehow maintained internet popularity since their 1999 hit, “All-Star.” They can probably thank Shrek or, like, every meme. Smash Mouth leads a pretty normal internet life on social media, making slightly-odd graphics to celebrate various holidays and promoting their upcoming appearances. Oh yeah, they’re also passionate champions of...CONTINUE READING

Smash Mouth totally nailed International Women’s Day with this very mediocre art

You might know American alt-rock band Smash Mouth for their iconic song, “All-Star,” which opens the 2001 classic Shrek and has been meme’d and meme’d time after time.  SEE ALSO: Smash Mouth became the voice of the resistance then threw it all away But Smash Mouth is also a fierce proponent of women everywhere, as...CONTINUE READING
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