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Snapchat celebrates Black Historical past Month with digital museum

A new immersive lens on Snapchat allows users to explore a virtual art gallery dedicated to black millennial artists. The project was orchestrated by SnapNoir, an all black employee group within Snapchat, and is available until February 28. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Snapchat, Black History Month, Snapnoir, and Digital Museum

Input Snapchat’s VR artwork gallery to rejoice Black Historical past Month

In celebration of Black History Month, Snapchat launched an immersive lens on Monday that lets users explore a virtual art gallery filled with the work of black millennial artists. The idea is that Snapchat users can enter the “gallery” wherever they are to see sharp and vibrant work that celebrates and reflects upon many themes,...CONTINUE READING

Snapchat, now not bleeding customers, assessments Android app redesign

Snap is finally starting to turn things around.  Snapchat’s growth has finally stabilized after two straight quarters of losing users, following an unpopular redesign. What’s more, the company is making substantially more money off the users it does have, the company revealed in its fourth-quarter earnings report for 2018.  Snap reported $390 million in revenue,...CONTINUE READING

Snapchat survey reveals that Snapchat makes other folks satisfied

Nothing brings joy like a grotesquely distorted face filter. According to a Snap-commissioned survey focused on how social media makes people feel, 95 percent of Snapchat users said using the app makes them feel “happy.”  Commissioning studies is common amongst the social media and tech industries. And while all commissioned surveys should be taken with...CONTINUE READING

Snapchat takes on TikTok with lip sync ‘Lens Problem’

The copied has become the copier.  Snapchat, whose features Facebook and others have spent years duplicating, is changing things up a bit by borrowing a new from a competitor. The app introduced a new “Lens Challenge” feature that lets users share interactive lip syncing videos similar to those on TikTok. SEE ALSO: The best apps...CONTINUE READING

This Snapchat screenplay is essentially the most sought after in Hollywood at the moment

A screenplay about the birth of Snapchat has just been crowned the most-liked script to make the rounds in Hollywood this year, according to an annual industry list. It’s called Frat Boy Genius, and is a fictionalized docu-drama about Evan Spiegel and the creation of Snapchat.  Frat Boy Genius earned the top spot on something...CONTINUE READING

‘Highly confidential’ documents reveal Facebook used VPN app to track competitors

Newly public documents reveal just how paranoid Facebook was of its potential competitors and shines new light on some of the company’s most important acquisitions.  The internal documents, made public as part of a cache of documents released by UK lawmakers, show just how close an eye the social network was keeping on competitors like...CONTINUE READING
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