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Watch Seth Meyers try his very best Boston accessory whilst consuming intensely sizzling wings

Seth Meyers is a renowned king of late night comedy. But is he the king of surviving scorchingly spicy hot wings?  On the third episode of Hot Ones, a YouTube series in which celebrities answer big life questions while eating increasingly spicier chicken wings, Meyers did not disappoint.  During the first six wings, Meyers is...CONTINUE READING

‘SNL’ sport display, like the whole thing else, is tragic for Millennials and nice for Boomers

What do millennials really want? Avocado toast? Social security? Health insurance? Saturday Night Live’s “Millennial Millions” sketch gives them a shot at attaining what older generations got just by showing up — with a catch. There’s always a Baby Boomer waiting in the wings to snatch the contestants’ opportunities.  Will the youth prevail? Ha! No....CONTINUE READING

‘Saturday Night time Reside’ finds The us’s worst named other people on this hilarious earthquake comic strip

In “Earthquake News Report” on Saturday Night Live, a building collapse at a name change office leads to several pre–change individuals saying their increasingly silly names on air, leading to dirty puns and general hilarity.  Unless, of course, your name is also Mr. Peanus. In which case, it’s probably less funny. And you have our...CONTINUE READING

‘SNL’ invented the easiest dialog stopper and this factor must be on sale like, the day before today

Sometimes Saturday Night Live’s zany fake commercials are for something that really needs to be on the market already.  With host Rachel Brosnahan, the show debuted the “Leave Me Alurn,” a fake urn meant to be deployed when women just want to be left alone to enjoy a hike and men give them unwanted attention....CONTINUE READING

The winners and losers of Trump comedy in 2018

From one wild White House Correspondents’ Dinner to a hidden camera show that changed the game, 2018’s comedy landscape was brimming with political takedowns. At the center of it all: Donald J. Trump.  Whether you delight in partisan mockery or find the whole situation terrifying and exhausting, you were almost certainly audience to one or...CONTINUE READING

Steve Carell’s ‘Friends-giving’ took a bizarre, sexy, and dark turn on ‘SNL’

Friends-giving is a sacred, made up, pre-holiday tradition for friends. Not strangers. So when one couple made the mistake of inviting “a new neighbor” (Cecily Strong) and “a straggler” (Steve Carell) to dinner things got a little weird. After realizing the two strangers knew the same “famous” and super NSFW Thanksgiving song, a sing-a-long erupted,...CONTINUE READING

Steve Carell’s ‘SNL’ NASA broadcast goes terribly wrong after a breach

Saturday Night Live’s Captain Ed McGovern (Steve Carell) thought live streaming to children’s classrooms across America from the International Space Station would be great. It was not. After an unfortunate breach in the system left all the monkeys (and one cat) on-board frozen solid and flying around, things got a bit hectic. And while we’re...CONTINUE READING

‘SNL’ Weekend Update welcomes the microphone-stealing White House intern

When Donald Trump didn’t like a press pool question from CNN’s Jim Acosta, he sent in a White House intern to yank his microphone away.  On Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, the “intern” (Cecily Strong) paid a visit to hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che and did what she does best: try to yank things...CONTINUE READING

SNL’s newest rap video features Lil’ Wayne and Future respecting that booty

You like booty? Great, but Saturday Night Live’s “Permission” video is here to remind you that butts have boundaries. Future, Lil’ Wayne, Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd, and Pete Davidson in character as someone called “Uncle Butt” spit bars about respecting women’s space, donating to civil rights causes, and generally keeping the club a safe environment...CONTINUE READING
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