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Exploring the poisonous global of ‘feminine privilege’

It was early on Saturday morning when I crossed the threshold into a quarantined community. I was entering r/TheRedPill, a subreddit dedicated to radical misogyny. This breeding ground of anti-women invective and conspiracy theories is so brazenly hostile, it’s literally cordoned off like a health hazard. It was here that I hoped to trace the...CONTINUE READING

The right way to lend a hand give protection to abortion get right of entry to in states the place it is maximum threatened

Several states, including Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri have recently passed laws that effectively ban abortion. They prohibit the procedure just weeks into pregnancy and, in some cases, make providing abortion care punishable by a years-long prison sentence.  While these bills have yet to go into effect, and will likely be stalled by lawsuits challenging their...CONTINUE READING

Snapchat’s ‘gender-swap’ filter out exposes the web’s informal transphobia

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is a face filter for everything, from putting puppy ears on your head to horrifically swapping your face with inanimate objects.  The latest filter trend on Snapchat is gender. Yep, just gender. This filter, in particular, captured people’s attention in a way that others haven’t, becoming so...CONTINUE READING

Inventory symbol assortment authentically portrays folks with disabilities

One year ago, on Global Disability Awareness Day, Getty Images launched a compilation of 50 stock photographs that depicted people with disabilities as human beings with full, gratifying lives.  Dubbed “The Disability Collection,” the pictures set out to dispel stereotypes which often cast those with a disability as either “heroic” or “pitiful,” defined by any...CONTINUE READING

Bored to death girls of The usa discuss out as Alabama seems to be to criminalize abortion

It’s 2019, and rather than making every effort to fight for the equality, freedom, and basic human rights of Americans, several states are currently attempting to criminalize abortion.  Though anti-abortion bills have been introduced throughout the country for years, in states like Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio, and more, on Tuesday night Alabama...CONTINUE READING

Youngster decorates grad cap with QR code that honors the ones killed in class shootings

Graduation season has arrived, which means it’s time for seniors to personalize their caps. Many take the tradition of decorating grad caps as an opportunity to showcase a witty quote about student debt or reference a beloved television show, but Gina Warren, an 18-year-old from Ashville, Ohio, used her cap to send a serious message...CONTINUE READING

Girls and women will really feel so noticed by means of new pointers for his or her psychological well being

Being a girl or woman is knowing that you’re full of complexities and contradictions that society helped create but discourages you from claiming or criticizing.  The doting mother secretly battles depression intensified by the expectation of “having it all” while having no support at home or from most politicians. A black woman is supposed to...CONTINUE READING

Fearless TV climate forecasters air the planet’s hovering carbon ranges

Mike Nelson’s weather forecasts on May 7, 2019 included more than powerful storm fronts, thick fog, and flurries of snow. The veteran meteorologist’s Denver television forecasts, delivered three times a day, flashed the planet’s current level of carbon dioxide — a potent heat-trapping gas — on the screen. This number, which is now flirting with...CONTINUE READING
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