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6 meaningful ways you can support all mamas on Mother’s Day

When you set aside the corporate gimmicks and ad campaigns, Mother’s Day is simply an opportunity to honor the mom — or mom-like figure — in your life for her sacrifices, wisdom, and love.  But it’s also a chance to think about motherhood in general and how we can support moms everywhere, regardless of whether...CONTINUE READING

Michelle Obama is tired of seeing men ‘fail up’

When Michelle Obama walked onto the stage of Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium Saturday evening, the crowd let loose screams of joy usually reserved for rock stars.  Audience members, who’d spent the day talking about gender equality as part of the United State of Women summit, listened raptly for 40 minutes as Obama, in conversation with...CONTINUE READING

Puerto Ricans never know if they’ll have power. This is how they’re surviving.

The isolated coastal region of Patillas, Puerto Rico, lost power when Hurricane Maria slammed into the U.S. territory back in September. It took several months to restore electricity to most of the region — and then suddenly, on April 18, an island-wide blackout put residents back in the dark again.  “It’s like the hurricane came...CONTINUE READING

Boy Scouts to drop ‘boy’ from namesake program upon welcoming girls

In 2017, the Boy Scouts of America announced after 107 years that the organization would finally allow girls to join in 2018.  Now, before the historical change takes place, the BSA organization announced it’s dropping the word “boy” from its namesake program. On Wednesday, the organization revealed its new gender inclusive campaign, “Scout Me In,”...CONTINUE READING

New kids’ book teaches parents how to talk about racism, police shootings

Few subjects give parents pause like talking about racism.  For black families, the topic can be painful and often involves the upsetting task of explaining to children how they may be viewed differently by just about anyone — but specifically law enforcement.  SEE ALSO: The skills that every teen should learn before they ever get...CONTINUE READING

The skills that every teen should learn before they ever get a cellphone

Being a teenager is like waking up every morning in a house of mirrors. You’re everywhere and nowhere at once, trying to pinpoint which version of yourself is the most authentic.  For the past decade, teens have navigated this tumultuous period of their lives with a smartphone in their hand. We know the power of...CONTINUE READING

Victims of bullying unite in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ photo project

Sometimes a kid needs to feel like a superhero. Inspired by Avengers: Infinity War, photographer Josh Rossi created a new project that turned kids who have been victims of bullying into superheroes, letting them forget about their daily struggles and feel empowered. For the project, 15 children got to dress up as their favorite Avengers...CONTINUE READING

These 8 books are required reading for anyone who wants to change the world with tech

“Changing the world,” the rallying cry of the technology industry, sounds like a concept bursting with optimism. But in reality, it’s complicated. SEE ALSO: Apple CEO embraces moral leadership of Silicon Valley Take Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s creation, built under the banner of “move fast and break things,” certainly changed the world. But the creation of...CONTINUE READING

In Mexico, this coding school gives returning immigrants a second chance

Growing up in the small town of Bradenton, Florida, Miriam Álvarez had a pretty typical American childhood. She took the pledge of allegiance every morning in elementary school and cheered the U.S. team during Olympic spirit week in high school. Her younger brother enrolled in the Army, and is now serving in South Korea. But...CONTINUE READING
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