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We helped rebuild a veteran’s home in NYC

We joined forces with an organization called Rebuilding Together NYC to help repair the home of a veteran in New York. The organization helps rebuild homes for low-income New Yorkers throughout the city by using volunteers as well as workforce training members.  Read more…More about Home, Mashable Video, Social Good, Activism, and Volunteering admin html...CONTINUE READING

With little else to rely on, refugees turn to Twitter to detail harsh treatment

Australia’s offshore detention centres have long been a secretive, carefully guarded operation. For those who remain inside them, smartphones and social media have been the main way to tell stories of their plight, as governments remain reticent on who is responsible for them and journalists struggle to gain access to the sites. SEE ALSO: How...CONTINUE READING

How to spend your Black Friday money on stuff that actually matters

It’s Black Friday — and you know what that means! We’re all part of a corporate machine that makes us rip each other’s hair out at 6 a.m. for the last $20 spiralizer at Target. SEE ALSO: Bad idea alert: Retail employees are trying to sell their uniforms for Black Friday shoppers Let’s be real:...CONTINUE READING

This browser extension turns your angry Facebook emoji into real social action

From climate change to the worsening refugee crisis to rollbacks of LGBTQ rights, you’ve probably reacted to a lot of deeply troubling news in your Facebook news feed this year. But what if you could easily take your digital anger and sadness and turn it into real-world action? A new tool called the Emoji Reaction...CONTINUE READING

6 easy ways to call your reps now and demand net neutrality

Net neutrality is in jeopardy. It’s time for you to take action. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is the U.S. government’s media regulator, is planning to completely scrap Obama-era rules protecting the idea that the internet should be an even playing field. Without these rules, the door is open for internet service providers like...CONTINUE READING

Celebrate Transgender Day of Resilience with these stunning posters and poems

Since 2015, a group of artists has marked the solemn day known as Transgender Day of Remembrance, on Nov. 20, with vivid art and poetry meant to celebrate the strength and determination of trans people.  The separate project, known as Transgender Day of Resilience, is a “reimagining” of how to honor both transgender people who...CONTINUE READING

Make Black Friday green: The ‘Amazon for social impact’ is here

The holiday season is finally here, which means spending quality time with family and friends, spreading good cheer and goodwill, and … rushing to find the best shopping deals imaginable. As Black Friday approaches, one website is trying to turn the holiday shopping experience on its head, all through a new site that makes you...CONTINUE READING

Melinda Gates wrote a moving op-ed about sexual harassment

Melinda Gates is adding her voice to the many women across the world speaking out about sexual harassment. The philanthropist and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation published an op-ed for Time on Monday to weigh in on the sexual harassment women face in Silicon Valley and the workplace in general, and reflecting...CONTINUE READING
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