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How Mexican millennials moved Twitter and earth after the earthquake

On a Tuesday afternoon in September, Ángel Rodríguez, 31, was at a coworking space in downtown Mexico City when the earth began shaking. “Rocks and pot plants started falling around me,” he told me. “Everybody rushed outside — I thought the building was going to fall down. There were thousands of people on the street,...CONTINUE READING

This powerful quote about sexual violence will change the way you talk about it

Two words: #MeToo. That’s what it took to turn the world’s attention to the magnitude of sexual harassment and assault. Now that we’re finally talking about it, it’s high time we thought about the language we use to talk about sexual assault. A quote about the gendered language we use discuss rape and assault has...CONTINUE READING

In the wake of #MeToo, men are pledging to make changes to fight harassment

Over to you, men. As thousands women around the world shout the words “me too” in unison to demonstrate the magnitude of sexual harassment women endure, men are now responding with their own positive hashtag.  The #MeToo hashtag has been used over 100K times following a rallying cry from Hollywood actor Alyssa Milano, who encouraged...CONTINUE READING

5 crucial ways men can help end sexual assault

If you’ve paid any attention to social media in the past 24 hours, you’ve seen #MeToo, the viral hashtag that women have used to acknowledge, even in two simple words, that they’ve experienced sexual harassment and assault.  SEE ALSO: Women endure a lifetime of sexual harassment even before they enter the workplace The number of...CONTINUE READING

How to help survivors of the devastating Northern California wildfires

When multiple wildfires began raging early Monday morning in towns an hour north of San Francisco, residents fled their homes with little more than the clothes they were wearing and whatever valuables they could grab.  The fast-moving flames incinerated entire neighborhoods in the city of Santa Rosa with little to no warning.  SEE ALSO: The...CONTINUE READING

‘We’re just existing’: What it was like to survive the deadly Northern California wildfires

Luana Cobb and her son Dan were asleep when a wildfire blew into Coddingtown Mobile Estates in Santa Rosa, California, early Monday morning.  SEE ALSO: Firestorm: Photos of California’s deadliest wildfires on record Luana, 83, awoke to the sound of cars honking and people shouting. She went outside and heard neighbors screaming to get out....CONTINUE READING

This tool will help you find the perfect social good boost for your startup

Incorporating social good into your business model is no longer just a nice idea. Consumers have come to expect it and are even willing to pay more for a product from a company that has impact, accountability, and ethics at its core. But launching a successful social impact startup, like any new business, requires financial...CONTINUE READING

8 things Trump has done to hurt girls and women since taking office

You’d be forgiven if you read President Donald Trump’s statement on the International Day of the Girl and thought you’d been transported into an alternate reality.  He, or let’s be honest the White House press team that slapped his name on this thing, says that his administration is “ensuring that every female, young and old,...CONTINUE READING

Pot company donates $40,000 of weed and opens doors to those displaced by wildfire

A medical cannabis dispensary is opening its doors and donating medicine to those displaced by the wildfires that have ravaged northern California over the last few days. CannaCraft’s AbsoluteXtracts and Be Kind Flower will donate $40,000 of medical cannabis to patients that have been evacuated or displaced by the wildfires, which has since claimed the...CONTINUE READING

USMNT fails to qualify for World Cup, internet reminds everyone we have a badass women’s team

On Tuesday night, the unthinkable happened for American soccer: The men’s national team lost its chance to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. It’ll be the first time the U.S. failed to compete in the tournament since 1986.  SEE ALSO: Pete Souza reminds us of when our president wasn’t feuding with every pro sports league...CONTINUE READING
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