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The United Kingdom executive thinks it is time for Fb to be regulated

For the last 18 months, UK lawmakers have investigated Facebook, and it’s recommended they and other social media giants be regulated. A damning report released on Monday said after years of self-regulation, these companies were unable to protect users data and privacy, or from disinformation. SEE ALSO: Facebook might have to pay billions of dollars...CONTINUE READING

Iranian spies allegedly used Fb to focus on U.S. intelligence brokers

It was just a simple friend request. However, nothing is ever simple when the U.S. intelligence community is involved. A press release released Wednesday by the Department of Justice details an alleged effort by Iranian government agents to use Facebook to hack members of the American intelligence community. And they had unexpected help. Specifically, a...CONTINUE READING

Alpaca accounts are underrated social media treasures

In the vast world of animals with social media accounts, common household pets like cats and dogs typically reign supreme. But if you’re not following your fair share of alpacas on the internet, you’re sorely missing out. Though social media accounts dedicated to alpacas are rare, they’re remarkable —  like delicious pieces of hay in...CONTINUE READING

March For Our Lives activists cross darkish on social media to mark Parkland anniversary

To mark the first anniversary of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, March For Our Lives and its organizers will go dark on social media between February 14th through the 17th. They say their silence, which includes declining requests for interviews during that period, is out of respect for...CONTINUE READING

Instagram appears to be trying out direct messaging on internet

There’s no dearth of messaging platforms on the web, but Instagram DMs have likely become a big part of your online life. A prototype, spotted by software engineer Jane Manchun Wong, shows the platform making moves toward making its direct messaging service, Direct, accessible via your browser. SEE ALSO: Instagram‘s new donation sticker will make...CONTINUE READING

25 just right tweets for individuals who hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is kind of nice, but it’s mostly a cloying, capitalist nightmare.  It makes sense, then, that the anti-Valentine’s Day community is a large and vocal one. V-Day skeptics aren’t bitter; they just hate Russell Stover samplers from CVS! If you count yourself among the lukewarm this Feb. 14, you’re not alone. There are...CONTINUE READING

LOL, bye: Fb’s teenager meme venture is useless earlier than it was once launched

Facebook is still figuring out how to keep teens, who have been leaving the network in droves. In January, Facebook was reportedly working on something named LOL, a bid to win over younger users with “a special feed of funny videos and GIF-like clips,” which sat within the main Facebook app.  SEE ALSO: Snopes quits...CONTINUE READING

Hello, how do you assume a sentient baguette would transfer?

If a baguette was alive and could move around, how would it move? This is the vital question posed by a comedian and animator named Dave (@sheepfilms on Twitter), who gave the internet its latest thing to debate on Thursday. According to Dave, there are four possible ways a baguette could move: worm, gallop, robot...CONTINUE READING

Twitter loses tens of millions of customers, however nonetheless makes document quarterly income

Twitter is making more money than ever before—even as it loses monthly active users. On Thursday, the company announced its latest earnings report, and it was loaded with positive financial news. Twitter reported a record-setting revenue of $909 million in the fourth quarter, a 24-percent increase compared to this time last year. The company also...CONTINUE READING
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