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Everything you need to know about the Cambridge Analytica controversy

Facebook is once again in hot water over the role its policies may have played in the election. On Saturday, two explosive reports from The Guardian and The New York Times surfaced alleging that more than 50 million Facebook users had personal data used without their knowledge by Cambridge Analytica, a U.K.-based data firm employed...CONTINUE READING

Facebook suspends Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica

A data analytics firm linked to both Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Brexit referendum has been banned by Facebook. Cambridge Analytica, the British firm that claimed it helped Trump get elected, has been suspended from Facebook, the company revealed.  SEE ALSO: Look at these dumb email accounts Russian trolls made to influence the 2016...CONTINUE READING

Don’t believe the rumors: Instagram isn’t killing the algorithm

Hey, Instagram haters: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the company has no plans to change its algorithm-based photo feed, despite what you may have heard. Rumors began swirling late last week that the photo-sharing app had miraculously decided to reverse the two-year-old decision to implement an algorithmic feed. Naturally, bloggers and...CONTINUE READING

Jack Dorsey’s verifications-for-all plan is bad news for Twitter

If there’s one thing unambiguously good about Twitter it’s that it’s not Facebook — a fact that CEO Jack Dorsey seems hell-bent on changing.  The latest assault on the very DNA of the social media platform is insidious in its seemingly good intentions: making verifications open to all. SEE ALSO: The time has come to...CONTINUE READING

LinkedIn stalking is low key the biggest thing in online dating

LinkedIn isn’t the first social network you think of when looking for love. But, like it or not, it’s become a critical part of the internet dating scene and all the sketchy stalking that comes with it. Yes, the professional networking platform — so full of thirsty randos desperate to send you messages about their...CONTINUE READING

Judge wants Trump to stop blocking people on Twitter

Not only is Donald Trump the first American president to aggressively use Twitter, he’s also the first to invite a possible constitutional crisis because of it. In the question of whether Trump can legally block people from seeing and commenting on his account, a judge now has a possible solution.  SEE ALSO: Oprah knows exactly...CONTINUE READING

Facebook admits splitting the News Feed in two was a dumb idea

Facebook just did something it very rarely does: admit it was wrong. The social network is officially ending both iterations of its “Explore Feed” feature, which created two separate feeds for users. SEE ALSO: How to turn off Facebook’s new face recognition features To recap: Facebook has been experimenting with two different versions of an...CONTINUE READING

After days of technical issues, Vero says app will be free ‘until further notice’

Vero, the Instagram-like app that suddenly went viral in the last couple days, has more than a million users, but it’s still free — at least for now. The app doesn’t host any ads, and the company’s founders have always said they intend to charge users a yearly subscription to support the business. The fee...CONTINUE READING

Twitter’s new Bookmarks feature saves you from embarrassing likes

On Twitter, a like is a like — unless it’s not.  Over the years the “like” button has come to embody several distinct uses on the social media platform: a way to designate appreciation for a tweet, show agreement, or, confusingly, to essentially bookmark the tweet in question for later reading. Thankfully, with Twitter’s unveiling...CONTINUE READING

China banned the letter ‘N’ from Weibo and WeChat

In some sort of Sesame Street ‘Letter of the Day’ nightmare situation, the letter N was temporarily banned on many of China’s most popular social platforms. SEE ALSO: China ironically decides to clamp down on online news outlets on World Press Freedom Day On Sunday, China’s Communist Party announced that it was planning to abolish...CONTINUE READING
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