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Elon Musk is donating a lot more money to the GOP than he is to the Dems

Someone send a submarine to rescue Elon Musk’s reputation. It turns out the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has donated seven times as much to money to Republicans than Democrats since the beginning of 2017, according to Federal Election Commission data reviewed by HuffPost.  SEE ALSO: Ugh, Elon Musk attacks British diver who called his submarine...CONTINUE READING

British rescuer threatens legal action against Elon Musk following ‘pedo guy’ tweet

If you’re the billionaire founder of several publicly traded companies, here’s an easy PR strategy: Never tweet. It’s not worth it. Elon Musk may soon learn this lesson the hard way now that a British diver who helped rescue 12 Thai boys from the treacherous depths of a cave threatened Musk with a lawsuit on...CONTINUE READING

Thai cave rescue saga shows how Elon Musk’s narcissism gets the best of him

Elon Musk’s kid-size submarine may have gone unused. But his efforts to help with the rescue of the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave were definitely useful for anyone trying to understand what motivates his eccentric genius. Elon Musk has literally offered to move mountains in order to help save 12 children and their...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk is building a ‘kid-size submarine’ to rescue Thai kids trapped in cave

Elon Musk is coming to the rescue. The tech leader, along with SpaceX and Boring Company engineers, have been working with cave experts in Thailand to rescue the boys’ soccer team of 12 that’s been stuck in a cave system since June 23. On Saturday, Musk tweeted an updated rescue plan, which essentially involves constructing...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk goes full superhero, deploys team to save Thai kids trapped in cave

What is that saying about life and art again? Elon Musk has sent engineers from his SpaceX and Boring Company teams to assist with the rescue efforts of the boys’ soccer team stuck in a cave system in Thailand.  SEE ALSO: If tech CEOs were Founding Fathers, here’s who they’d be Twelve boys and their...CONTINUE READING

Meet the creepy new AI system designed to help astronauts in space

While many of us were sleeping, SpaceX launched tons of supplies to the International Space Station for NASA.  Hitching a ride to the station aboard SpaceX’s Dragon capsule is the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, or CIMON — a new artificial intelligence technology developed by a team of researchers from the European Space Agency, NASA, and...CONTINUE READING

Drive Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster past asteroids in this retro video game

Avoid the asteroids and defeat Jeff Bezos while getting the Tesla Roadster safely through the stars in this gratifying retro video game. Created by car blog AutoWise, the game puts you behind the wheel of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster, launched by SpaceX in February as the payload of the Falcon Heavy rocket. SEE ALSO: In...CONTINUE READING
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