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This device will have you ditching your massage therapist

Someone came up with a massage kit that could have you kicking your foam roller to the curb. The ‘Whole Body Kit’ keeps balls in place so that you can work out your sore muscles with easeHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness....CONTINUE READING

Camera catches man perfectly air drumming to Rush during football game

Baltimore Ravens fans had plenty to feel good about this weekend as the team steamrolled the Buffalo Bills 47-3 in their NFL season opener. And one fan was really feeling it. Despite the driving rains, a  member of the Ravens’ marching band, the Marching Ravens, was feeling good enough to celebrate by perfectly air drumming...CONTINUE READING

To protect our virgin eyes, this female tennis player was penalized for removing her shirt

The U.S. Open has a lot of thoughts about tennis — and women’s boobs. On Wednesday, French tennis player Alizé Cornet walked onto the court of the U.S. Open and realized that her shirt was on backwards. Instead of running to the women’s locker room, Cornet took off her shirt in public and then put...CONTINUE READING

Serena Williams’ badass black body suit is now banned from the French Open

Remember that fashionable, black one-piece bodysuit that made Serena Williams feel like a “warrior princess” and simultaneously helped protect against blood clots? Well, turns out it’s been banned from future French Open tournaments. SEE ALSO: Serena Williams opens up about ‘postpartum emotions’ in candid Instagram post When Williams participated in the 2018 French open nine...CONTINUE READING
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