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Spotify bets large on podcasts with acquisition of Gimlet and Anchor

Music-streaming king Spotify sees a future in podcasts. The company announced on Wednesday that it has made two huge acquisitions that firmly plant Spotify in the podcasting business. The music-streaming giant has bought Gimlet Media Inc., a popular podcast producer, and Anchor, a platform that helps creators produce and publish their podcasts. According to Recode,...CONTINUE READING

Slack has confidentially filed to head public

Bust out your favorite party parrot: Slack has completed its first official step in the road to going public. Slack published a blog post Monday stating that it had “confidentially submitted a draft registration statement” with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is a form that essentially lets the SEC begin reviewing the company‘s...CONTINUE READING
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Spotify is reportedly rolling out a characteristic to will let you block artists

Soon, you may be able to block R. Kelly from ever appearing on your playlists. Spotify is testing an iOS feature called “don’t play this artist,” allowing users to block particular artists from being included in playlists, libraries, charts, and radio stations on the music streaming platform, The Verge reports. Notably, it doesn’t work for...CONTINUE READING

Spotify’s rumored $100 song participant is a brilliant concept, thinks dumb particular person with money to burn

So you’ve got a $100 to spare. Maybe grandma included a crisp hundo in this year’s birthday card, or, hell, let’s just say you’re a brain genius who always has extra cash laying around. Yeah, let’s go with that.  The question is, just what are you going to do with your excess wealth? If music-streaming...CONTINUE READING

Waking as much as your favourite tune is straightforward as a dream — Explanation Please

No one likes waking up to the sound of an alarm clock, so why not wake up to your favorite song instead? Using your phone or a smart speaker, or inside a music app directly, you can ditch your alarm clock and wake up to something just a little more soothing.  Read the full article...CONTINUE READING

Spotify just released 2018’s most streamed artists and yup, it’s all dudes

If you want to be one of the most streamed artists on the planet, there’s one thing in particular that you apparently need. That thing is a penis.  Every holiday season, Spotify releases its end-of-year stats, and we get to have a good look at both our own music habits with personalised top tracks-lists, and...CONTINUE READING
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