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Pandora tried to become more like Spotify and now it’s bleeding users

Pandora is trying to reinvent itself as more than free internet radio. But subscriptions come with a price.  Pandora has been losing users with each earnings report, at 73.7 million active listeners this quarter compared to 78.1 million this time two years ago.  Pandora Q3 Users:2015: 78.1M2016: 77.9M2017: 73.7M — Lucas Shaw (@Lucas_Shaw) November 2,...CONTINUE READING

Spotify has made individual playlists for the ‘Stranger Things’ characters

Folks are turning the place Upside Down for an opportunity to ride the Stranger Things Season 2 hype, but here’s one you can listen to. Ahead of the season premiere on Friday, Oct. 27, Netflix has teamed up with Spotify to create playlists for 13 lead characters from the show. SEE ALSO: These retro Ghostbusters...CONTINUE READING

New ‘Stranger Things’ Spotify Easter egg will take you to the Upside Down

Stranger Things is back on Friday, and what better way to celebrate than turning your desktop into the Upside Down? First discovered by The Verge, there’s a little Easter egg in the Spotify web browser and desktop app right now (not on mobile, sorry) that will thoroughly creep-ify your listening experience.  Just play a few...CONTINUE READING

Google just mysteriously bought a podcast app

Google looks to be making its first foray into the world of audio storytelling.  Business Insider reports that Google has acquired 60dB, a short-form audio platform.  The app featured over 700 podcast-style stories. It debuted in January 2016 and will shut down, in its current incarnation, on Nov. 10. The app’s original content will continue...CONTINUE READING

Spotify’s new ‘Time Capsule’ generates a nostalgic playlist based on your age

Like a speaker hog at a house party, everyone loves a solid nostalgia moment when it comes to playlisting. Spotify is capitalising on the inherent human need to dredge up the past and roll around in it with a brand new personalised playlist generated from your birthdate. “Your Time Capsule” gathers tunes from your teens...CONTINUE READING
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Joe Biden has a news podcast, and you can listen via Amazon Echo and Google Home

Straight-talking former vice president Joe Biden is curating and commenting upon the news in a podcast called Biden’s Briefing. After some 60 test runs, Biden’s Briefing officially launched Monday, with featured news roundups to be added daily.  The veteran statesman intends his briefings — which run between three and 15 minutes long — to be...CONTINUE READING
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