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Mark Hamill reviews the worst Luke Skywalker action figures and god bless him

Star Wars toys weren’t always app-enabled, semi-senitent BB8s. Before all that fancy stuff, fans had to put up with dolls that certainly did not pass the uncanny valley. Luke Skywalker himself (also known as real-life man Mark Hamill) took to Twitter to rank his toy counterparts throughout the decades of Star Wars fandom. And the...CONTINUE READING

Luke Skywalker’s darker journey in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ was just good storytelling

It’s been said before, it’ll be said again: Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. That’s what Rian Johnson did. Luke Skywalker’s gruff, disillusioned old man in Star Wars: The Last Jedi left a lot of fans angry. But writer/director Johnson had a good reason for going that route, as he articulated...CONTINUE READING

Relive THAT Snoke scene from ‘Star Wars’ with Andy Serkis in a mocap suit

Supreme Leader Snoke had quite a moment in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But how much did the mocap actor behind him — none other than Andy Serkis, aka Gollum (and Klaue from Black Panther, nbd) — really fuel the CG character’s performance? This clip, newly released to hype the upcoming home video launch of...CONTINUE READING

Mark Hamill has the weirdest Star Wars fan theory about where Luke Skywalker went

Mark Hamill has a theory about where Luke Skywalker ended up after The Last Jedi and it’s … well, a little bit more NSFW than the average Star Wars fan theory.  Despite Luke’s physical body disappearing near the end of The Last Jedi, Hamill appears to be in denial. He refuses to believe his character...CONTINUE READING

Yes, Star Wars just introduced time travel. Don’t freak out.

As we saw with the very vocal minority of Star Wars fans who got upset about The Last Jedi, bringing new features of the Force to the screen can be somewhat controversial.  Now we’re witnessing a new freakout over Force powers. The TV show Star Wars Rebels, set between Episode III and Episode IV, just...CONTINUE READING

‘The Last Jedi’ director offers perfect response to critics of the movie’s ending

Consider yourself warned if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet: there are spoilers within. Cranky Star Wars fans, Rian Johnson has had enough of your guff. The director of The Last Jedi took to Twitter on Friday to clap back at fans who are furious at the trick Luke Skywalker pulls on Kylo Ren...CONTINUE READING

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote an actual 2,000-word essay defending Luke Skywalker

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, The Last Jedi was still a pretty divisive film. The portrayal of Luke Skywalker’s character, in particular, seems to have drummed fans into a kind of rage-fuelled frenzy of debate. Was it true to Luke’s character to act the way he did? Was his role badly written? Even Mark Hamill...CONTINUE READING
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