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Starbucks barista stocks video of an excellent canine hilariously devouring a Puppuccino

Yes, dogs enjoy Starbucks whipped cream. No, that doesn’t make them basic.  Max, a dog, is Jodie Brooke’s favorite customer. The Starbucks barista posted a video on Monday of her feeding her canine friend a Puppuccino through the drive-thru window. While a Puppuccino is just whipped cream, it’s pretty popular for dog owners that also...CONTINUE READING

Former Starbucks CEO says he would possibly run for president and will get straight away… roasted

This is what a Venti serving of “NOPE!” looks like.  Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz tweeted on Sunday that he’s considering a run for the White House as a “centrist independent,” whatever that is.  I love our country, and I am seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent. — Howard Schultz (@HowardSchultz) January...CONTINUE READING

Espresso supply: Starbucks broadcasts partnership with Uber Eats

The worst part about buying a cup of coffee every morning is waiting in line with dozens of other cranky commuters itching for a fix of caffeine. Lucky for you, Starbucks and Uber have a solution. Starbucks announced Tuesday that it’s partnering with Uber to deliver coffee, snacks, and other beverage and food items in...CONTINUE READING

Get a $25 Starbucks virtual present card and Amazon gives you $5

Hold on to your stockings, because this is a stuffer that works for literally everyone.  When you buy a $25 digital gift card to Starbucks, you’ll get a complimentary $5 gift card to Amazon when you use the code SBUX at checkout. It’s like getting a little something back for yourself each time you send...CONTINUE READING

YouPorn bans Starbucks products from its offices after the cafe chain bans porn

Starbucks doesn’t want customers using each cafe’s free WiFi to look at porn. Now, YouPorn has apparently responded with a blanket ban on Starbucks products in its offices. The coffee company confirmed on Thursday that a plan is in motion to prevent customers from accessing online pornography over in-store WiFi. “We have identified a solution...CONTINUE READING

Pornhub responds to Starbucks porn ban with a clever new SFW idea

Don’t worry, adult video aficionados. Even though Starbucks will soon begin filtering porn for customers using the chain’s in-store WiFi network, Pornhub has a workaround so you can still get your kicks while you sip your grande mocha. Sure, the desire to watch pornography in such a public venue is a bit unnerving, but who...CONTINUE READING

Deaf and hard-of-hearing customers in the U.S. celebrate Starbucks’ first ‘Signing Store’

Starbucks took a big step toward inclusivity today by opening its first “Signing Store” for Deaf and hard-of-hearing customers in the United States. The new Starbucks opened on Tuesday in Washington D.C., right next to Gallaudet University — the world’s only university designed to educate Deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Though the “Signing Store” has the classic...CONTINUE READING

Starbucks is testing out vegan protein in their cold brew, so let’s see how this goes

Prepare to get your protein … in your coffee?  Starbucks is attempting to change the way we drink our coffee and vegans are going to be so here for it. On Tuesday the company announced two plant-based Protein Blended Cold Brews that are available for a “limited time, while supplies last.” The cold brews come...CONTINUE READING
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