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Nicki Minaj hilariously weaves Stephen Colbert into ‘Barbie Dreams’

On Nicki Minaj’s new track “Barbie Dreams,” the rapper hilariously calls out a whole bunch of dudes as being, to put it simply, a disappointment. The list of well-known men includes Drake, Mike Tyson, DJ Khaled, and more. However, Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but bring up a notable omission on The Late Show Monday. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert calls Trump’s Space Force ‘stupid,’ says ‘we already have NASA’

Stephen Colbert has brutally skewered Trump’s Space Force, calling it “stupid.” During Thursday’s monologue, the Late Show host ripped into the plans announced by Vice President Mike Pence to launch Space Force as the sixth branch of the U.S. military by 2020. “Longtime viewers of the Trump administration will remember that Space Force as the...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert declares Infowars’ Alex Jones has lost his ‘war on info’

The Great War on Info is no more, according to Stephen Colbert, for Alex Jones has lost it. On Tuesday night, the late night host destroyed the “extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist and bath salt spokesmodel,” who recently had his content removed from huge platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify, Facebook, and even Pinterest. “Now if you...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Trump makeup tutorial’ involves lavish amounts of bronzer and baloney

Stephen Colbert has mocked Donald Trump’s “glistening” appearance at a rally in Ohio over the weekend, saying the president looked like “C-3PO crossed with a glazed ham.” In his opening monologue on Monday night, The Late Show host said Trump, “always known for his deep bronzer,” had debuted a “new shinier look,” over the weekend....CONTINUE READING

Ewan McGregor talks about starring in the upcoming sequel to ‘The Shining’

Ewan McGregor may have taken a while off work, but his next project is set to be a big one — he’s starring as a grown up Danny Torrance in Doctor Sleep, an adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 sequel to The Shining. SEE ALSO: Here’s your first pic of the main ‘IT’ cast back together...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert calls Trump a ‘humiliating moron’ for still talking about Obama

Trump’s been talking about Obama again, and Stephen Colbert can’t help but twiddle his fingers with glee. During his address at an Illinois steel plant, the president again discussed the media’s fixation on him, pointing to the cameras which were watching him at the event. “This never happened to Obama,” Trump said. “Yeah. Obama was...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert are thirsty for that secret Trump tape

That secret recording between Trump and former lawyer Michael Cohen has been played relentlessly over the past 24 hours. You can count on late night hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon to give a fresh spin on the tape, opening with the story in both their monologues. SEE ALSO: ‘The Late Show’ has its own...CONTINUE READING

‘The Late Show’ has its own version of the secret Trump-Cohen tape

So, we’ve heard the audio of the secret recording between Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, but now there’s video? Well, at least a video made by Stephen Colbert and The Late Show team. The late night show has crafted their own comedic video accompaniment to the real 2016 recording aired by CNN...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert slams Donald Trump’s latest bizarre quotes in brutal 5 minute monologue

Stephen Colbert is so done. SEE ALSO: ‘Get me a Coke, please.’ People are losing it over this moment in the leaked Trump tape. In the monologue above for The Late Show, he bluntly breaks down a couple of the most memorably odd things Trump has said recently — including Trump’s comments that what we’re...CONTINUE READING

John Cleese very bluntly confirms that people in Britain don’t like Trump

When it comes to sharing his feelings on Donald Trump, John Cleese really doesn’t beat around the bush. On Monday night the British comedy legend appeared on The Late Show and spoke about the US President with Stephen Colbert. SEE ALSO: John Cleese says he’s not bothered by the prospect of death “He says the...CONTINUE READING
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