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Tom Brady can chug a beer quicker than you can read this sentence

Tom Brady isn’t much of a beer drinker, apparently, but he appears to be quite good at throwing the stuff back. The New England Patriots star was chatting with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Monday, when the talk show host challenged Brady to a chugging contest. SEE ALSO: Streaming is revolutionizing sports broadcasting...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert tried divine intervention to convince Oprah to run for president

On the Late Show last night, Colbert gave Oprah what she said she needed in order to run for president in 2020: a sign from God. After Oprah firmly explained the talkativeness of her co-stars from A Wrinkle In Time, as well as her intense dislike of gum chewing, Colbert joked, “are you going to...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert can’t believe Trump’s stance on gun control

What is happening? Did Stephen Colbert just find Donald Trump’s opinion on something “reasonable?” That’s exactly what went down on The Late Show on Wednesday, when the talk show host was left flabbergasted by the president’s stance in a meeting with members of Congress on gun control. SEE ALSO: These celebrities are getting behind March...CONTINUE READING

Jennifer Lawrence knocks back 3 rum shots in 9 minutes in hilarious interview

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty funny and hyper-active on a good day. Imagine what she’s like after she’s knocked back three glasses of rum in nine minutes. Actually, you don’t have to imagine. In the clip above, Lawrence shares several glasses with Stephen Colbert while promoting her new movie Red Sparrow. SEE ALSO: Jennifer Lawrence led...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert’s pretty certain that the ‘Pee Pee Tape’ is out there

Stephen Colbert’s not giving up — he’s confident that President Donald Trump’s alleged “Pee Pee Tape” is out there somewhere. After news broke that FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team spoke with former FBI Director James Comey last year, Colbert said Tuesday night that he’s convinced a seemingly innocuous tweet about “justice,” “waters,” and “a...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert interviewing cartoon Donald Trump is hilariously confusing

It’s probably not that easy to get an interview with Donald Trump these days, but sometimes a cartoon version is good enough. Especially if that cartoon version is speaking only in actual Donald Trump quotes from a real Wall Street Journal interview transcript. SEE ALSO: Stephen Colbert compares Trump’s military history with transgender soldiers who...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert roasts Pepsi for its 'Attractive Lives Matter' ad

If you somehow missed Pepsi’s new tone-deaf commercial featuring Kendall Jenner, never fear: Stephen Colbert is here to take you through it frame by frame. Colbert hypothesizes that maybe Pepsi had just gathered a huge crowd of hot extras to help protest for “Attractive Lives Matter.” Sounds legit. Pepsi has since apologized for the ad...CONTINUE READING

Ricky Gervais shares his views on Donald Trump’s weight

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Colbert’s sparring sessions always make entertaining viewing, and the latest instalment is absolutely no exception. SEE ALSO: Ricky Gervais promotes his new game show with the world’s least humble video interview On Wednesday, Gervais appeared on The Late Show to chat about his new game show. He also spoke about his...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert questions James Franco over sexual misconduct accusations

James Franco was pressed for answers by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Tuesday, following accusations of sexual misconduct since his Golden Globe win. The Disaster Artist star was interviewed by the talk show host, broadcast mere hours after The New York Times cancelled a TimesTalks event with Franco scheduled for Wednesday.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert’s 4-word summary of ‘Fire and Fury’ saves you from reading the nightmare yourself

You don’t actually need four words to describe the Trump administration — four letters will do. SEE ALSO: Stephen Colbert’s rant about the new Trump tell-all book is as hilarious as you’d think In his opening monologue Monday night, Stephen Colbert conveyed the gist of the the new tell-all Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump...CONTINUE READING
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