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Actor tweets story of how his whole life changed after he sent Steven Spielberg a letter

If you’ve ever considered writing a letter to one of your heroes, do it. On the one hand, it might not come to anything. But on the other it could change the entire course of your life. SEE ALSO: Ethan Hawke’s story about his co-star dying on stage is surprisingly uplifting On Monday, actor and...CONTINUE READING

Now Steven Spielberg is making a DC movie

Steven Spielberg is headed to the DC universe. Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that Spielberg has signed on for Blackhawk, an action-adventure movie based on the DC comics. SEE ALSO: ‘Ready Player One’ is a geeky, brainless roller-coaster ride The press release notes that Spielberg has “an eye to directing” the film, which suggests he’s not...CONTINUE READING

Steven Spielberg is not a fan of Carl’s Jr.’s ‘SpielBurgers’

Carl’s Jr. has a terrible-good idea: In honor of Ready Player One, rename all of the fast food restaurant’s sliders as “SpielBurgers.” You know, because Ready Player One is directed by Steven Spielberg. So the tiny hamburger sliders are SpielBurgersGET IT??? SEE ALSO: ‘Ready Player One’ is a geeky, brainless roller-coaster ride Spielberg, the man...CONTINUE READING

‘Ready Player One’ is a geeky, brainless roller-coaster ride

Here’s the thing about Steven Spielberg: He’s good at what he does. In Ready Player One, the acclaimed director turned a pretty bad book into a mostly entertaining movie. Your enjoyment hinges to some extent on your level of fluency in the geekier edges of pop culture, but its chief success is as a work...CONTINUE READING

Here’s what the critics think of ‘Ready Player One’

Ready Player One hits theaters this week and critics have weighed in with almost unanimous agreement that, while the movie is visually stunning and a fun thrill ride full of references, it all gets a little old well before the credits roll. SEE ALSO: Steven Spielberg on why we’re so obsessed with the ’80s Steven...CONTINUE READING

Steven Spielberg throws fuel on the Hollywood vs. Netflix flame war

Steven Spielberg doesn’t think that Netflix movies deserve a place alongside more traditional movies at the Oscars. The incredibly successful filmmaker revealed in an interview with ITV News (via IndieWire) that he thinks Netflix movies belong at the Emmys amongst TV movies, not with feature films at the Oscars, even when said Netflix movies follow...CONTINUE READING

Steven Spielberg on why we’re so obsessed with the ’80s

If anyone’s more obsessed than you with the ’80s, it’s Steven Spielberg. The legendary director of new Easter egg-filled geek adventure Ready Player One reflected on why we’re so obsessed with nostalgia for the decade in a Q&A at the film’s Australian premiere in Sydney on Tuesday.  SEE ALSO: ‘Ready Player One’ review roundup: Dubbed...CONTINUE READING

Steven Spielberg explained why ‘Ready Player One’ only references the original ‘Star Wars’

As an unabashed homage to geek culture and 80s nostalgia smorgasboard, you probably assumed Ready Player One would be dripping with Star Wars references. You’d be wrong. While the marketing for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie showed zero restraint when it came to pop culture references, the director said he was actually careful about name-dropping Star...CONTINUE READING

These icons of girlhood culture deserve adaptations like ‘Ready Player One’

Let’s not beat around the bush: Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is a circle jerk of male geek culture sustained over a grueling 400 pages. On March 26, we’ll see the release of the mega-budget blockbuster adaptation of this fanboy-favorite, courtesy of cinema’s own champion of male geek culture, Steven Spielberg. There’s nothing wrong with...CONTINUE READING

‘Ready Player One’ review roundup: Dubbed ‘the geekiest movie ever made’

Steven Spielberg’s virtual reality epic Ready Player One has landed, primed for geek-culture aficionados to smugly point out references all the way through. Introduced by Spielberg himself at a secret screening at this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas, the highly anticipated film earned a standing ovation at the credits (even after a few technical difficulties...CONTINUE READING
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