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This apocalyptic video shows a dust storm engulfing the Arizona desert

This video, which depicts what is known as a haboob, was filmed by professional storm chaser Mike Oblinski. With winds ripping an estimated 50-75 miles per hour, the dust storm took over an Arizona highway. The word haboob is derived from the Arabic word “haab” which means wind or blow.   Read more…More about Mashable...CONTINUE READING

The Opportunity rover has survived Martian hell for 15 years. Here’s how.

A dust storm the size of North America has smothered NASA’s Opportunity rover for the past week, shrouding much of the red planet in darkness and depriving the robot’s solar panels of light.  Opportunity’s battery power has dropped so low that it’s now in a sleep mode and unable to send information back to Earth....CONTINUE READING
Category:Mars, Nasa, Science, Space, Storm

This super clear video of a nearly perfect tornado is stunning

Mother nature is terrifyingly beautiful.  Storm chaser James Hammett caught footage of this tornado in Laramie, Wyoming. Driving along a highway, he managed to record the storm as it developed into a perfect cylinder.  It’s so perfect, the tornado almost looks a surreal CGI job. Hammett even got close enough to record the base of...CONTINUE READING

Did a nor’easter whip a puffer fish into a tree? An investigation

A powerful nor’easter pounded New England last week, prompting coastal evacuations and causing flooding so extreme that water rushed into downtown Boston. In the storm’s aftermath, a local, freelancing weather man, Peter Lovasco, who once contributed weather reports to The Gloucester Daily Times, tweeted a couple pictures of what appears to be some species of...CONTINUE READING

Does ordering delivery during a snowstorm make me a trash human?

*Stretches widely* *Inhales deeply and peacefully* Aaahhh! A snowstorm! Time to bundle up with all your blankets. Time to sip hot chocolate while staring wistfully at the accumulating snow. Time to ask yourself the age old question: “If I order delivery during this storm, does that make me a trash-ass human?” SEE ALSO: This comedian’s...CONTINUE READING

‘Beast from the East’ intensifies, bringing more extreme weather to Europe

The “Beast from the East” is getting worse, with Europeans experiencing more extreme winter weather on what was supposed to be the first official day of spring. The “Beast,” resultant from intense east to west winds from Siberia, has now combined with Storm Emma, causing the UK Met Office to issue another “red” warning for...CONTINUE READING
Category:Europe, Snow, Storm, Uk, Weather

Destructive rainfall pummels Southern California after massive wildfires

After the fires, the rain. Southern California has been drenched in torrential showers for several days and the deluge has hit areas recently scarred by huge wildfires. LA’s National Weather Service office reports rainfall of over six inches in just three days for areas in Ventura and LA county, with ten other regions receiving over...CONTINUE READING

What sparked the ‘bomb cyclone’? Huge temperature contrasts, jet stream energy

It all started innocently enough.  Shortly before New Year’s celebrations kicked off in the Southeast, a record-cold air mass blew in from the north. This air had a direct connection to the Arctic, spilling out as if someone left the Northern Hemisphere’s refrigerator door open. This frigid air oozed across the Gulf of Mexico, into...CONTINUE READING

Mini drives through crashing waves from Storm Eleanor and do not try this at home

The phrase “don’t try this at home” has never been more relevant than when applied to the video below. SEE ALSO: Neil deGrasse Tyson explains what ‘a perfect storm’ actually means On Tuesday, Ireland was hit by Storm Eleanor. The BBC reported widespread flooding, winds of up to 100mph, and — unsurprisingly — all sorts...CONTINUE READING
Category:Flood, Ireland, Storm

Oh nothing, just ‘spider lightning’ dancing across a stormy sky in Australia

“Spider lightning“: It’s a thing. An especially hard weather phenomenon to catch on film but one savvy videographer managed to capture it illuminating the sky in South Australia. During an electrical storm illuminating the seaside suburb of Glenelg outside of Adelaide, local man Caleb Travis shot the stunning lightning on Monday night. What’s spider lightning?...CONTINUE READING
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