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The entire unique displays introduced for Apple TV+

Apple has finally shared details on its long-awaited streaming service, including a name: Apple TV+. It will bow out in over 100 countries this fall.  CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple TV+ will be “the destination for the highest quality originals,” including documentaries, dramas, kids shows, and comedies.  SEE ALSO: Apple TV+ promo showcases new...CONTINUE READING

Netflix’s ‘Delhi Crime’ is a tenacious, disquieting true crime drama

True crime dramas are frequently engaging but don’t necessarily make for the easiest viewing experience. Shock, grief, and anger usually get involved as you watch the story unravel.  All of these feelings are escalated in Netflix’s Delhi Crime. The seven-episode first season (which is mostly in English, with subtitled scenes in Hindi) is based on...CONTINUE READING

Mindy Kaling autobiographical youngster sequence coming to Netflix

Netflix is getting into the Mindy Kaling business. The streaming platform has ordered a 10-episode coming-of-age comedy based on her teenage life. SEE ALSO: ‘Late Night’ trailer starring Mindy Kaling previews your new fave movie Written and executive produced by Kaling, the show will focus on the complicated life of a first-generation Indian-American girl. The...CONTINUE READING

How Hulu’s ‘Shrill’ revolutionizes frame variety on display screen

We still have a ways to go, but right now there’s never been more on-screen diversity as far as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender. But there’s one kind of representation Hollywood continues to drag its feet on: body diversity. Outside a couple notable exceptions (basically anything Queen Latifah has been in), the little representation...CONTINUE READING

Netflix cancels ‘One Day at a Time’ amidst vocal #RenewODAAT marketing campaign

Netflix has made the no good, very bad decision to cancel One Day at a Time.  In a relatively long Twitter thread, the streaming giant announced the “tough choice” to stop making more of this inclusive, empathetic, hilarious comedy centering on the Alvarezes, a Cuban-American immigrant family led by Rita Moreno and Justina Machado.  We’ve...CONTINUE READING
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