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What’s What in Doctor Who: Exploring the Universe with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors

  The TARDIS returns! We’re celebrating the return of Doctor Who (Sundays on BBC AMERICA) with a rundown of what makes Doctor Who the world’s longest-running sci-fi series and a unique, ever-evolving franchise with generations of fans. Whether you’re a passionate fan or a total beginner, BBC’s new DVD collections, featuring some of the most...CONTINUE READING

The low-carbon economy: Driving a cleaner future

Ad Content from AT&T Signs of America’s transition to a low-carbon economy are everywhere. In urban areas, electric buses are joining city fleets. In the suburbs, charging stations for electric vehicles sit prominently next to gas pumps. And in rural parts of the country, wind turbines gently dot the expansive countryside. A new era of...CONTINUE READING

The rise of renewable energy will change everything

Ad Content from AT&T An electric vehicle cruising down the highway, a solar panel installed on a neighbor’s rooftop, a wind turbine turning in the breeze: These are just a few of the powerful symbols that represent the blossoming renewable energy economy There’s little doubt that the world is on the cusp of a new...CONTINUE READING

Join us for a heavenly hellish party at NYCC

Hello, people of the Comic Book Convention of New York City!  My name is Aziraphale, I’m an angel, and I’ve been sent unto you from Heaven above to deliver the Good News. Yes, that Good News: the television adaptation of Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman’s beloved book Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of...CONTINUE READING

Fueling the future: The rise of wind tech careers

Ad Content from AT&T Driving through the rural landscape of South Texas, wind turbines dot the topography like stoic guardians of the open expanses. Perhaps there is no more powerful metaphor for progress — and for the future — than these majestic structures. Beto Gonzalez, the superintendent of Webb Consolidated Independent School District, calls the...CONTINUE READING

EVs on ice? Watch this electric car company push its limits in the icy mountains of New Zealand

How does an automotive startup from Silicon Valley continue winter weather development when summer hits? It goes to the Southern Hemisphere, to a beautifully remote mountainous region of New Zealand. Vehicle development for SF Motors is a year-round endeavor as they near the 2019 release of their first intelligent electric vehicle, the sporty SF5 crossover....CONTINUE READING
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