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The investment inequality that’s just as important as the gender wage gap

The gender pay gap — or the statistic that women make approximately 80 cents for every dollar that men make — is a well-documented phenomenon, backed up by data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Association of Women.  Arguably as pressing an issue is the gender investment gap: Many women are less prepared...CONTINUE READING

#TheDifferenceSheMakes: Celebrate the women who inspire you in this vertical video contest

All around the world, incredible and ordinary women are sparking positive change within their communities and homes. Their achievements range from small and everyday — one woman making an impact upon a classroom or neighbourhood, for example — to the extraordinary, such as innovators who are leading movements, building businesses, or volunteering their time to...CONTINUE READING

Explore centuries of culture where East meets West in Istanbul

Istanbul has a special place in human history, sitting metaphorically and physically between the East and West. At one point it was the capital city of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, and the key to trade and cultural dominance. Once called Constantinople, today Istanbul offers a glimpse into ancient history and modern sensibilities. Famous...CONTINUE READING

Heart-Healthy Superfood: Avocados are a cholesterol-free fruit providing nutritional benefits

Paid Content by Avocados from Mexico When it comes to choosing foods that are going to be staples in your regular or daily diet, you want items that aren’t simply good, but are also actually good for you. Wherever possible, you want to avoid sacrificing great taste for healthful benefits. While not all foods happen...CONTINUE READING

Why you should learn about blockchain before everyone else does

From niche technical publications to watercooler conversations to the corporate boardroom, blockchain has become the latest buzz-worthy technology that practically everybody is talking about. But if you stopped the average Joe on the street to ask, What exactly is blockchain?, chances are  you’d get some head-scratching and a few vague references to Bitcoin as a...CONTINUE READING

Here’s the easiest way you can help end the global water crisis

Many people pay little attention to the ubiquitous role tap water plays in their daily lives: a quick rinse of a toothbrush in the morning, filling up a water bottle before the gym, or the simple pleasure of a hot shower after a long day. But in some places around the world, the relationship between...CONTINUE READING

Here’s how predictive technology will help you meet your New Year’s money resolutions

   The start of the New Year often brings resolutions for better managing our financial health. But without a clear plan on how to actually grow savings and manage our money better, we tend to default to our day-to-day routine, where actively managing our finances falls to the wayside.  Actively saving for the future isn’t...CONTINUE READING
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For an unforgettable experience on the path less travelled, try Dubai

Steeped in history and rich in culture, Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ largest populated city and boasts an opulent vibe that encapsulates this modern Middle Eastern hub. Year-round sunshine, luxurious shopping centres, and architecture juxtaposing modern marvels with ancient sites all combine to make Dubai the Middle East’s crown jewel.  When visiting Dubai, the...CONTINUE READING

AI Everywhere: Surprising ways we already interact with artificial intelligence

Paid Content by IBM If someone were to say to you that you’ve spent all day interacting with artificial intelligence, you’d probably stop and try to recount any instances of accidentally running into a robot Despite what’s constantly being hammered into our brains via science fiction movies and television, AI comes in many forms, which...CONTINUE READING
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