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Foxconn, the company that makes the iPhone, has acquired Belkin for $866 million

Taiwanese giant Foxconn, best known to the western world as the company that manufactures the iPhone for Apple, has bought accessory maker Belkin, as well as associated brands Wemo, Linksys and Phyn, for $866 million in cash, the companies announced Monday.  California’s Belkin is best known for its array of phone and PC accessories; Linksys...CONTINUE READING

This guy’s homemade ‘Iron Man’ suit looks like it came straight from Tony Stark himself

This Iron Man suit is so realistic, you wouldn’t be surprised if Robert Downey Jr. himself built it. Taiwanese cosplay enthusiast Wu Yo-ting has managed to create a homemade Iron Man costume from scratch, and it looks just like the real deal. SEE ALSO: Robert Downey Jr. posts a pic of him and his ‘Avengers’...CONTINUE READING
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Granny uses her $1200 Louis Vuitton to bag her fish from the market

There’s something fishy about this tale, but that’s probably coming from the luxury handbag in it. A man in Taiwan recounted on Dcard, a Whisper-style confessions site, how his grandma used the luxury designer bag he bought her. The bag, from Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull range, retails for about $1,260.00. SEE ALSO: In China, you can...CONTINUE READING

Taiwan accidentally put Dulles Airport on its e-passports and Google Images could be why

Confusing a major American airport for a Taiwanese travel hub seems unlikely in official government documents, but that’s exactly what happened with Taiwan’s new e-passports. SEE ALSO: Google’s new Maps feature highlights different locations based on what you’re doing An exterior shot of Washington Dulles International from the American capital made it onto the background...CONTINUE READING

People stood in line outside ‘world’s best’ ramen restaurant for 10 days

This is the price to pay for “world’s best.” Famed Japanese ramen joint Ichiran, crowned the world’s best by Forbes in 2016, recently opened a new overseas outlet in Taipei, Taiwan. SEE ALSO: Marry your love of instant noodles and fried chicken with this incredible burger People were so excited about it that there was...CONTINUE READING