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App Retailer glitch reasons tens of millions of scores to vanish from apps like Instagram

A glitch in the App Store seems to have caused a panic for app developers. Millions of app  ratings and reviews completely vanished from the App Store over the weekendThe Apple Post first noticed the disappearing ratings when developers started reporting that their apps were showing a sudden steep drop in rating and review counts....CONTINUE READING
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Samsung Professional Chromebook, Apple Watch, iPad, Speedy Pot, Xbox One X, Bose, SodaStream, and extra on sale for Dec. 18

With only a week until Christmas, we found the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Macy’s. So if you’re looking for a last-minute gift for the holidays, we looked high and low for deals on electronics like headphones and tablets, home products from Instant Pot, KitchenAid, and more, and Amazon devices, such as...CONTINUE READING

Apple TV 4K is essentially the most very important product Apple makes

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. What is the most essential Apple gadget? Put another way: Which of the trillion-dollar company’s beautifully-designed devices would a jaded Apple fanboy like me most miss, if I was forced to switch to competing products? Not the iPhone (pause for...CONTINUE READING

Those folks don’t seem to be actual. Are you able to inform?

The image above looks like a collage of photographs, but in fact, it’s been generated by an artificial intelligence. And as real as they may look, the people in the image aren’t actual humans.  In a new paper (via The Verge), a group of Nvidia’s researchers explain how they’ve created these images by employing a...CONTINUE READING

This Snapchat screenplay is essentially the most sought after in Hollywood at the moment

A screenplay about the birth of Snapchat has just been crowned the most-liked script to make the rounds in Hollywood this year, according to an annual industry list. It’s called Frat Boy Genius, and is a fictionalized docu-drama about Evan Spiegel and the creation of Snapchat.  Frat Boy Genius earned the top spot on something...CONTINUE READING

Apple simply employed a Tesla dressmaker. Let the theory start.

The hiring of a former Tesla designer has reignited speculation over Apple’s self-driving car ambitions.  Andrew Kim was hired by Microsoft after his minimalist redesign for the company went viral in 2013. He then spent two years as a senior design manager at Tesla. Now it looks like he’s at Apple.  SEE ALSO: Highway patrol...CONTINUE READING

Hacker makes use of web meme to ship hidden instructions to malware

A recently discovered piece of malware has a unique way of communicating with its creator—through an internet meme posted on Twitter. The mysterious hacker has been using the “What if I told you” meme to secretly tell a Windows-based strain of malware when to grab screenshots from infected PCs, according to security firm Trend Micro....CONTINUE READING

Veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg quits Fb, as a result of yeah

Facebook will be losing yet another prominent user: Walt Mossberg, one of the most respected technology journalists of our era, said that he will delete his account at the end of this year. The former Wall Street Journal, Verge, and Recode writer announced on Facebook his Facebook and Messenger accounts will be deactivated “around the...CONTINUE READING
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