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UK cybersecurity middle is not too terrified of Huawei, document says

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has assessed the dangers of using Huawei’s 5G equipment, and it found that it’s not such a big deal, Financial Times reported Sunday.  The cybersecurity centre’s findings have not yet been made public, but FT claims that it found “ways to limit the risks” from using Huawei’s equipment in...CONTINUE READING

Offers on electrical toothbrushes, water flossers, and enamel whitening kits

George Washington was a lot of things, but having sparkling white teeth and a killer smile was not one of them. In fact, his orthodontic history is almost as famous as his accomplishments. Having suffered from dental issues for most of his life, he ascended to the presidency with only a single tooth remaining in...CONTINUE READING

Presidents Day sale: Those on-line classes are all 60% off

Sure, New Year’s has come and gone, but it’s never too late to set a goal. Investing in your education is always a worthwhile spend of both your time and money — but luckily, you won’t have to do too much of both with these excellent online courses.  Learn something new, hone your current skill...CONTINUE READING

This man discovered a operating 30-year-old Apple IIe in his oldsters’ attic, and wow the ones have been more effective occasions

There are objects in our lives that will forever be tied to childhood: a favorite toy, for example, or the first chapter book that you read and truly connected with.  For most of us, these items are forever lost — long ago consigned to the dustbin of Goodwill. Not so for Professor John Pfaff, who...CONTINUE READING

‘Anthem’ gamers are offended about lengthy load occasions however there is a very easy repair

I started playing Anthem at the end of the week, just as the game came online for early access players on PC. And like a lot of other people, I discovered quickly that the load times are brutal. Anthem is widely perceived as publisher Electronic Arts’ response to the success of Destiny. Both games are...CONTINUE READING

Save an extra 15% off those battery packs, wi-fi chargers, USB hubs, and extra

There’s no such thing as too many devices — until, of course, you’re wrapped up like a mummy in a seemingly endless roll of different cables, multiple types of chargers, and all the gadgets to go with them. We get it: you’re not getting rid of any of your devices anytime soon (you can release...CONTINUE READING

Save giant on house safety merchandise right through Presidents Day weekend

If we had it our way, we’d hire Fluffy the three-headed dog to guard our houses and live in peace forever. Unfortunately, this is not the Wizarding World, and we have no choice but to resort to the second best thing — home security products. In honor of Presidents Day, we’re offering deals on items...CONTINUE READING

Take an additional 15% off make a choice VPNs this weekend

It’s no secret that there are a number of threats you could encounter when you go online — and no, we’re not talking about that one weird Reddit thread you wish you could unsee. Malware, viruses, hackers, and other innovative forms of attack all pop up, and if you’re like the average person you probably...CONTINUE READING
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