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Amazon has the Arlo Pro Security Camera on sale for £50 off

It’s almost certain that there isn’t a shadowy figure lurking outside your front door in the cold of night, waiting to pounce. It’s almost certain but it isn’t certain, is it? Installing a security camera outside your property won’t deal with said lurker — that’s one for the authorities, or you in your dressing-gown with...CONTINUE READING

‘Super Mario Party’ is available to pre-order, and includes a cool lamp

Super Mario often brings back warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia. Memories of quick games before school or popping over to your best mate’s house after dinner for a lengthy session, cut short by bedtime.  If those memories are fading into the distance, perhaps clouded by the drudgery of grown-up things like rent and going to...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk opens up about the personal toll Tesla is taking on him

Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk has been under a whole lot of under pressure lately, with production roadblocks, workplace issues, and a much-criticized tweet about taking the company private. It’s all taking quite the personal toll on Musk, he revealed in an emotional interview with the New York Times on Thursday. SEE ALSO: Tesla...CONTINUE READING

Teen hacks Apple and stashes files in folder named ‘hacky hack hack’

Ah, teens.   Smart enough to hack into the most valuable company in the world, not smart enough to hide their stolen files anywhere other than a folder named “hacky hack hack.” SEE ALSO: The 5 most obvious Apple references in Pixar films A teenager in Melbourne pleaded guilty after hacking into Apple’s corporate computer...CONTINUE READING

Remember the driver disguised as a car seat? That helped Ford develop a self-driving ‘language.’

That man who dressed as a car seat to make it look like he was in a self-driving car last year was, in fact, not a terrible Halloween costume, but part of a study for Ford’s self-driving cars.  At the time, pesky reporters quickly uncovered that the disguised driver was with the Virginia Tech Transportation...CONTINUE READING

Tesla whistleblower alleges ‘narcotics trafficking’ and ‘unauthorized wiretapping’ in SEC complaint

What in the fresh hell is going on at Tesla? About 20 miles due west of Reno sits the monumental Tesla Gigafactory. Construction started on the now almost 5-million-square-foot building in 2014, with the goal of creating, on a massive scale, the batteries needed to power the company’s electric cars. But if a newly released...CONTINUE READING

How to completely delete Facebook from your life

Buh-bye, Facebook. It’s been real.  So you’ve had it with endless scrolling through the News Feed, notifications that wake you up in the middle of the night, memories that remind you how little your life has changed over the years, and groups that are just too big and you don’t even know why you joined...CONTINUE READING

Amazon Echo Dots are coming to every St. Louis University dorm room

Alexa, can you wake me up for my 8 a.m. class? St. Louis University in Missouri is equipping all its dorm rooms — more than 2,300 of them — with Amazon Echo Dots that are customized to SLU-specific questions: sports, concerts, speakers on campus, and other collegiate activities. SEE ALSO: Alexa and Cortana are finally on...CONTINUE READING
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