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Reddit consumer allowed to stay nameless following court docket ruling

A Reddit user who faced a legal fight to reveal their identity has been allowed to stay anonymous, a court has ruled. The user, who posts with the name “Darkspilver,” was represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and was concerned the revelation of his identity would put him at risk of being cut off...CONTINUE READING

Because of this self-driving automobiles suck at making unprotected left turns

Human or robot driver, left-hand turns in a car are tough. Unprotected turns? Even harder. Cruise, the self-driving car company backed by General Motors, put out a video Thursday showing its self-driving electric Bolts making left turns all over San Francisco’s busy streets. The company says it makes 1,400 unprotected left turns every 24 hours....CONTINUE READING

Pretend ‘inebriated’ Nancy Pelosi video is going viral, and it wasn’t even that tough to make

Who needs deepfakes when you can just run a video at reduced speed? An edited clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, altered to make it look like she’s slurring her words, is making the rounds online following a Wednesday discussion at a Center for American Progress event.   The news comes by way of the...CONTINUE READING

Fb unearths extra main points on AR glasses in new patent

We may still be years away from Facebook‘s augmented reality glasses becoming an actual product, but we now know a little more about how they might work. A new patent filing reveals additional details about Facebook‘s AR glasses, including how they might handle audio. The patent, originally filed in January but published Thursday, describes a...CONTINUE READING

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange charged beneath the Espionage Act

The U.S. government is going after Julian AssangeAgain.  The Wikileaks founder and current resident of a London jail cell was charged Thursday under the 102-year-old Espionage Act, with 18 separate counts carrying a possible 170 prison sentence if he’s found guilty. So reports the Washington Post, which notes that federal prosecutors accuse the publisher of...CONTINUE READING

Fb has already got rid of greater than 2 billion pretend accounts this 12 months

Facebook‘s fake account problem keeps getting bigger. The company is removing more fake accounts than ever, taking down more than 2 billion accounts so far in 2019 alone, Facebook disclosed in a new transparency report. Company executives said there’s been a sharp uptick in the number of fake accounts created this year. There were 2.19...CONTINUE READING

Ivanka Trump used to be simply given the Web Freedom Award. LOL.

Ivanka Trump is now synonymous with internet freedom — at least according to a tech industry lobbying group boasting members like Uber, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.  The advisor to and daughter of the president was crowned Wednesday with the 2019 Internet Freedom Award. Yes, you read that correctly. Handing out the award in Washington, D.C.,...CONTINUE READING

Amazon is reportedly creating a wearable instrument supposed to learn your feelings

Amazon is at the forefront of selling speakers that listen to people’s conversations. However, this rumored development reaches a whole new level of creepy. Bloomberg reported on Thursday that the e-commerce giant is developing a device to be worn on the wrist that would recognize its users emotional state through their voice commands. The report...CONTINUE READING
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