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Save on winter hats and gloves that are Bluetooth and touchscreen compatible

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. If anyone thinks you’re going to put your phone in your pocket just because it’s below zero and hailing, they’re nuts. Then again, you’ve become pretty...CONTINUE READING

The Doomsday Clock is a gimmick, but why it just moved closer to midnight is deadly serious

The “Doomsday Clock” is now at 2 minutes to midnight. Are you scared? Because according to the experts at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, you should be. This is the closest the clock (THE clock) has been since 1953, people. And that was a scary time in the midst of the Cold War, when duck...CONTINUE READING

Spielberg on ‘Ready Player One’ and the future: ‘Virtual reality will be a super drug’

The director behind the upcoming film adaptation of Ready Player One is making some bleak predictions about what lies in store for us in the decades to come.  While the rest of us are still waiting for Steven Spielberg’s vision of creepy AI children to come true, the legendary director has moved on to imagining...CONTINUE READING

Soylent releases female chatbot to help its mostly male customers eat

Meal-replacement company Soylent’s target demographic is male, 18 to 34 years old, and apparently needs the help of a woman-themed chatbot to figure out how to eat.  The Los Angeles-based company specializing in bottled meals for the tech set today announced a sweeping new ad campaign centered on an artificially intelligent “spokesbot” named Trish. Just what,...CONTINUE READING
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Capture your underwater adventures with this inexpensive GoPro-like iPhone case

The iPhone 7’s camera is pretty legit with 12 megapixel camera and 4K video recording capability. So instead of buying a separate, expensive underwater camera, the ‘ProShot’ phone case can transform your phone into an GoPro-like underwater camera.  Read more…More about Tech, Iphone, Instagram, Technology, and Mashable Video Powered by WPeMatico

Netflix cuts out the chill with an integrated personal trainer

Netflix just got a whole lot less chill.  The popular video-streaming service has published a detailed instruction guide for making your own Netflix-themed personal trainer. Like, in the get-off-the-couch-and-go-to-a-gym sense of the word trainer.  The Netflix Personal Trainer has some of the features you might find in its flesh-and-blood counterpart, and some you definitely won’t....CONTINUE READING
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Someone had a seizure in VR and nobody knew what to do

When someone suffers a seizure in real life, it can be an intense, scary experience. When someone suffers a seizure during a VR chat, it can be even more terrifying.  This is the exact scenario that Sam Raiffeisen, otherwise known as YouTuber Rogue Shadow, found himself in recently. While playing VRChat, a multiplayer app where...CONTINUE READING