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Category / Teens

Hip teens tempt gravity by sticking objects out the car window

Leave it to bored teens to discover a freaky cool, and slightly anxiety-inducing, thing to do while driving. SEE ALSO: The latest viral challenge will have you sleeping in Ikea, and police are cracking down Opening and window and speeding down the road, they balance objects against the wind with just a few fingers.  See...CONTINUE READING

Teen Bitcoin bro thinks that if you don’t become a millionaire, you messed up

Not a Bitcoin millionaire? You goofed! This, at least, is the opinion of Erik Finman, a 19-year-old Bitcoin investor fresh out of childhood and fresh into being pompous about cryptocurrency.  According to a profile of Finman from Business Insider, the teen bet his parents that if he became a millionaire by age 18, he wouldn’t...CONTINUE READING

Teen makes perfect school-approved shirt to respond to a dress-code violation

18-year-old Isabella Villegas defended her 13-year-old sister Grace from a school dress-code violation in the most crafty, big-sisterly way we’ve ever seen.  Grace changed out of this off-the-shoulder shirt and into a different one after she said received some “not nice looks” and comments from teachers. Upon hearing about the supposed violation, Isabella responded, by...CONTINUE READING
Category:Clothes, Feminism, Teens

How teens are pranking your Facebook News Feeds with random events

Seen any strange events popping up in your Facebook News Feed lately? Maybe something very mundane, like a niche event at a school you’ve never heard of? Or perhaps something a bit more unusual, like worm-charming or mushroom-growing classes? SEE ALSO: This British man’s email exchange with a scammer escalated hilariously Well it’s not advertising,...CONTINUE READING

Teen babysitter transforms a normal night in into a mermaid party extravaganza

I wanna be where the cool babysitters are… Fifteen-year-old Keegan Carnahan is a regular babysitter for her father’s assistant’s daughter, three-year-old Alidy Clark. Ever since Carnahan dyed her hair bright pink, Clark had been consistently saying that she was a mermaid.  SEE ALSO: Manly Dads Belt ‘Little Mermaid’ Song So, during a regular Wednesday night...CONTINUE READING
Category:Teens, Watercooler

For millennials, sending your first text message was a rite of passage

25 years ago, on 3 December 1992, a British engineer sent a message to a colleague. The contents were unremarkable, a simple “Merry Christmas,” but this dispatch of seasonal cheer happened to be the first text message ever sent. These days, the humble text message is ubiquitous and nothing much to write home about. But,...CONTINUE READING
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