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Ariana Grande predicted she would marry Pete Davidson back in 2016

Met someone you’ve just developed an enormous crush on and you know you will marry?  You’re not alone, my doe-eyed dears — Ariana Grande knew she’d marry Pete Davidson a casual three years ago.  SEE ALSO: Ariana Grande pays tribute to Aretha Franklin with ‘Natural Woman,’ and wow Appearing on The Tonight Show to promote...CONTINUE READING

Ariana Grande pays tribute to Aretha Franklin with ‘Natural Woman,’ and wow

The death of the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, still has many of us reeling. But at least we’ll have her music forever. Ariana Grande stepped up alongside The Roots to perform a touching cover of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman ” on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night.  It’s...CONTINUE READING

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star Henry Golding ‘tried not to audition’ for the role

Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding told Jimmy Fallon that he “tried not to audition,” for the lead role of Nick Young. In one of the most delightful interviews you’ll see for an age, Golding talked to Fallon about the fact that he didn’t have a single acting credit to his name before being cast....CONTINUE READING

Will chocolate or rum and Coke taste good with hummus? Jimmy Fallon finds out.

Hummus is versatile as they come when talking about dips, but just how well does it combine with Hamburger Helper, rum and Coke, or bugs? Good Mythical Morning’s Rhett & Link joined The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night to find out, proving that Fallon — at least — has a real appetite...CONTINUE READING

Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon drink disgusting cocktails in the name of good TV

You probably didn’t know Ryan Reynolds owns a gin distillery, an acquisition which he picked up earlier this year. So, in the name of good television (and an ever-so-slight promotion of the Canadian actor’s libations), Jimmy Fallon and Reynolds teamed up on Monday to drink some awful cocktail combinations in a game of Drinko. While...CONTINUE READING

Rose Byrne and Jimmy Fallon try to play Jenga without breaking eye contact

Jenga is already a tough game, and it’s not made easier by having to stare into someone’s eyes the whole time, not breaking contact. It certainly makes for good television though, as witnessed between Rose Byrne and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Thursday night as they attempted to draw a picture, play cornhole, and...CONTINUE READING

Ruby Rose can’t hold back her excitement at getting to play Batwoman

In case you missed it yesterday, Ruby Rose has been cast as Batwoman in a standalone TV series set to debut on the CW in 2019. Rose revealed on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon that she found out about her role just an hour before the premiere for her new shark movie The Meg,...CONTINUE READING

Glenn Close, far from her Cruella de Vil days, is covered in puppies

Glenn Close was frightening as Cruella de Vil in the 1996 live-action film 101 Dalmatians. Not these days. Close was covered in puppies on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, thanks to her superior general knowledge skills during another edition of “Pup Quiz.” Close battled Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard in the segment on Monday night,...CONTINUE READING

Ray Romano hits back at Jon Hamm’s impression of him

It’s hard to hate on Mad Men’s Jon Hamm. But comedian Ray Romano took exception to Hamm’s impression of him on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday. “He’s handsome and he’s funny, that son of a bitch,” Romano joked.  You’re damn right. Maybe we should be angry at Hamm, despite all of his...CONTINUE READING

Britney Spears obsesses over horses and mermaid pillows with BFF Jimmy Fallon

Britney Spears joined Jimmy Fallon for a totally ahmazeng instalment of recurring Tonight Show sketch “Ew,” on Thursday. Reuniting for a sleepover after meeting at camp, Sara (Fallon) and her BFF Abby (Spears) obsessed over horses and custom mermaid pillows, traded Throwback Thursday Instagram photos, and nailed Fashion Freeze. There’s a perfect “I’m Not a...CONTINUE READING
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