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‘Avengers: Endgame’ *sinks* an epic ‘Titanic’ field place of job document (sorrynotsorry)

You’d better believe I put a terrible pun in that headline. It’s true, though. As Avengers: Endgame continues to make a boatload of money (I did it again), a major record has fallen. James Cameron’s Titanic has been the second-biggest global box office money maker of all time since 2009 — and it was #1...CONTINUE READING

Ariana Grande and James Corden gave ‘Titanic’ a new soundtrack and it was amazing

If there were to be a remake of Titanic and you had to recast the roles of Rose and Jack, who would you choose?  SEE ALSO: Ariana Grande’s ‘God Is A Woman’ is  the empowering anthem the world needs After watching this Titanic soundtrack sketch from The Late Late Show your choice may just be...CONTINUE READING

Adele celebrated her 30th birthday with a ‘Titanic’ themed party

Adele just sailed into her 30th year and threw a Titanic shindig to celebrate. The Grammy-winning artist celebrated her three-decades on Earth with a birthday party themed around James Cameron’s 1997 Best Picture winner. SEE ALSO: Class act Taylor Swift invited a bunch of foster kids to watch her dress rehearsal Posting three images on...CONTINUE READING

‘Black Panther’ sinks ‘Titanic’ in the most obvious box office headline ever

Mark your calendars, box office nerds: Saturday, April 7 is the day Black Panther became the third-biggest movie in U.S. box office history. It’s not exactly a surprise. Marvel’s latest toppled Jurassic World earlier in the week to claim the #4 position on the all-time domestic box office charts. That left it roughly $7 million...CONTINUE READING