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How GM Cruise makes use of its Dashride acquisition to construct a robo-taxi corporate

It started back in their college days when Thomas Bachant and Nadav Ullman were trying to get safe rides around the University of Connecticut campus. There was a disconnect between the partygoers who needed a ride and the designated, sober drivers. So the two teamed up and built a mobile app, Sobrio, to make it...CONTINUE READING

Boosted Rev is a formidable e-scooter you will not need to percentage

Boosted is known for its electric skateboards and longboards, but now the California-based company is getting into scooters. The company’s first electric scooter, the Boosted Rev, is built to get you where you’re going even if you don’t have a car. With a 22-mile range on a single charge, enough power to take on 25...CONTINUE READING

Tesla raises costs of all Fashion three automobiles through $400. Sure, even the bottom worth model

Tesla has increased the prices of all Model 3 vehicles by $400. Electrek reported the change Tuesday, noting that the price increase also applies to variants that aren’t available on Tesla’s website, including the base price, $35,000 model (which shall henceforth be called the $35,400 model).  SEE ALSO: Tesla’s Model 3 pricing shenanigans are getting...CONTINUE READING

Uber checks out no-wait motive force matching for airport rides

Picking up an Uber at the airport can be something of an ordeal. Sure, there are designated ride-share pick-up zones and garages where you can meet your driver, but it’s a different system at every airport, and you’re often stuck with a lengthy wait time as your driver gets through airport traffic. Starting Monday, Uber...CONTINUE READING

Lyft is checking out out a automotive leases program in San Francisco

Lyft is looking for ways to diversify its business. The ride-share company has already invested in scooter and bike rentals, and now it’s looking like car rentals may be next. A test program is underway now in San Francisco, the company confirms, and it sounds more like a traditional rental service than, say, ZipCar. “We’ve...CONTINUE READING

How Uber and different virtual platforms may just trick us the use of behavioral science – except we act rapid

Uber’s business model is incredibly simple: It’s a platform that facilitates exchanges between people. And Uber’s been incredibly successful at it, almost eliminating the transaction costs of doing business in everything from shuttling people around town to delivering food. This is one of the reasons Uber will soon be among the most valuable companies in...CONTINUE READING

Google Maps AR instructions would possibly not include that lovable fox in the end

Mr. Fox was apparently not fantastic enough. Google Maps began rolling out Augmented Reality directions on Pixel Phones this week. This was a feature it promised at last year’s I/O developer conference, and one that Mashable got to try out this February.  The feature is pretty nifty: When you’re unsure about your next move, you...CONTINUE READING

Oh just right, Chicken now sells a dear ‘electrical rose’ e-scooter

Say goodbye to the early versions of Bird’s e-scooter. The fleet will soon be filled with scooters built for sharing with its newest model, the Bird One, introduced Wednesday. Limited-edition versions are also available for purchase, so you can have your very own Bird e-scooter. The Bird One offers a longer-lasting battery with a range...CONTINUE READING

Tesla automobiles can now diagnose themselves and pre-order portions if wanted

Tesla has quietly launched several neat features over the past couple of days, making it easier for Tesla owners to receive software updates, and get their car fixed if something goes wrong.  On Monday, Electrek wrote that Tesla cars can now diagnose themselves, and even pre-order parts to a Tesla Service Center if need be. ...CONTINUE READING

Tesla’s self-driving ‘mind’ hit with severe Trump management tariff

Tesla will have trouble innovating its way out of this one.  The car manufacturer is facing potentially serious financial headwinds in its attempt to equip all newly produced vehicles with the technology required to enable full self-driving. So reports TechCrunch, which notes that the White House won’t budge on a 25 percent tariff on the...CONTINUE READING
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