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OnePlus’ electrical automotive is some distance too curvy to be actual

If Apple won’t do it, someone else will.  Smartphone maker OnePlus has posted a teaser for an upcoming electric car called Warp — presumably after the company’s fast battery-charging tech.  SEE ALSO: Google Home can now talk to your tulip The company accompanied the announcement with a short teaser video, and by the looks of...CONTINUE READING

Wow, funds airline WOW Air is simply carried out

WOW Air, known for its too-good-to-be-true budget flights between Iceland, Europe, and North America, is finished.  The company abruptly shut down and grounded all its flights on Thursday. It had been providing cheap transatlantic flights since 2012. Its website looked normal except for a yellow banner on the top announcing, “WOW AIR has ceased operation....CONTINUE READING

All new automobiles within the EU will have pace limiters and breathalyzers as of 2022

The European Union has agreed on new rules stating that all cars built after May 2022 and sold in the European Union will have built-in speed limiters, as well as breathalyzers that won’t allow driving if the driver is intoxicated.  The European Parliament is expected to ratify the new regulations in September. The UK, which...CONTINUE READING

Apple Pay is coming to main US transit programs this 12 months

Apple’s Monday press event was chock full of big announcements. The iPhone maker revealed it’s now diving into news subscriptions, original video content, and even credit cards.  But one major announcement that Apple snuck into its keynote presentation has a huge potential to change millions of people’s lives. Apple revealed at its Monday press event...CONTINUE READING

United Airways simply made reserving more uncomplicated for trans and non-binary consumers

Something as simple as booking a flight can be painful if you identify as trans.  On Tuesday, United Airlines announced that they would be changing their booking options to be more trans-inclusive. Instead of forcing their customers to choose between male or female as gender options when booking, customers can now also select U (undisclosed)...CONTINUE READING

Tesla revives its referral program, but it surely’s a shadow of its former self

Back in February, Tesla cut its customer referral program due to how much it was costing the company. Elon Musk announced on Thursday that the program is back, but the incentives are admittedly much, much slimmer than they used to be. SEE ALSO: Ex-Tesla employees allegedly stole trade secrets in a ridiculously obvious way Now,...CONTINUE READING

Pick out up your used vehicle at Carvana’s latest car-sized merchandising gadget

For online car buyers, there’s another option to get your car. Sure, you could pick it up from a used lot or have it delivered. But online car site Carvana has another car vending machine, this time in the Pittsburgh area. Opening Thursday, the eight-story tall glass building holds 27 cars. After buying online through...CONTINUE READING

Ford is going all in on self reliant cars with new manufacturing unit

Ford hasn’t shied away from the prospect of robo-cars.  Back in 2017, Ford brought on autonomous vehicle startup Argo AI to develop a self-driving program with plans to provide a self-driving taxi service in several cities by 2021. It’s been testing in Miami, Washington, D.C., Detroit, and maybe soon in Austin. Its cars can be...CONTINUE READING

New York Town could have a self-driving travel — however there is a catch

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is getting an autonomous boost.  On private roads, a loop shuttle service for ferry passengers will bring riders to the industrial center where 400 businesses operate. Workers can ride in MIT-based company Optimus Ride’s self-driving shuttle cars starting later this year.  SEE ALSO: Driverless shuttles will beat other autonomous vehicles to...CONTINUE READING

It seems like Waymo is ready to extend its self-driving taxi provider

Waymo One — the self-driving taxi service from Google’s autonomous car company — officially launched in December, but it hasn’t been available to many people. That could change. In a blog post Tuesday, the company announced a new 85,000-square-foot technical service center in Mesa, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix. The taxi service — available through...CONTINUE READING
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