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Unhealthy Lip Studying hilariously mocks Trump’s State of the Union deal with

Be honest: Can you tell the difference between the real State of the Union and the Bad Lip Reading version? The iconic YouTube series is back with a take on Trump’s latest address to the nation. An audience member offers the president a hat, but he waves it off with an “I don’t like it.”...CONTINUE READING

Trump will signal an government order to (after all) focal point on AI

Better late than never. President Donald Trump will sign an executive order to form the American AI Initiative, the White House Office of Science and Technology (WHOST) announced Monday. The order tasks federal agencies to cooperate on advancing research and development in AI, as well as considering legislative frameworks for its governance. As Reuters points...CONTINUE READING

The ladies of Congress stole the display right through Trump’s State of the Union deal with

During Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, a chant of “USA” rang out across the chamber as a large group of attendees jumped to their feet. Surprisingly, they were mostly Democratic congresswomen.  In Tuesday night’s address, the highest energy moment came when Trump brought up the record amount of women in the workforce, saying...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s loved American Foxconn manufacturing unit is not going to occur

Wow, it’s almost like Trump made a promise the real world can’t support. In 2017, Chinese Apple supplier Foxconn broke ground on a factory in Wisconsin that it said would bring 13,000 manufacturing jobs to the US. President Trump even marked the occasion with a White House ceremony to hail his ability to return blue...CONTINUE READING

Seth Meyers unpacks Roger Stone’s arrest by way of significantly unpaid FBI brokers

Donald Trump’s longtime associate Roger Stone has been indicted, so Late Show host Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the events surrounding his arrest. A known threatener of dogs, Stone was arrested on Friday as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe for witness tampering, obstruction, and making false statements. He was brought...CONTINUE READING

How Pete Souza’s cute tortoise Charlotte was a Trump-resisting icon

Have you ever wondered how to be Instagram famous without needing to know how to take a perfectly-framed photo or write an inspiring caption? It’s possible… if you’re Pete Souza’s pet tortoise Charlotte. Thanks to the former White House photographer under President Barack Obama, Charlotte — better known as @charlottethetortoise to her 20,000-plus Instagram followers...CONTINUE READING

Superb Court docket resolution on Trump’s trans army ban makes painful limbo even worse

Lindsey Muller, an attack helicopter pilot and chief warrant officer, has spent nearly 19 years in the Army. Muller’s career has included deployments to combat zones, where she’s been shot at by forces intent on bringing her plane down.  But Muller, who is transgender, said the biggest fight of her life is at home. After...CONTINUE READING

White Space tweet tributes to Martin Luther King Jr. are not going over neatly

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ tweet honoring Martin Luther King Jr. is not going over well.  In a tweet, the White House press secretary wrote that King “gave his life” for the civil rights movement, and that “our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice.”  Today we honor a great American who gave his life...CONTINUE READING

GoFundMe will refund donations to marketing campaign for Trump’s border wall

A GoFundMe campaign launched last month to pay for President Trump’s border wall raised over $20 million from more than 300,000 donors. But that wasn’t nearly enough.  Brian Kolfage, the campaign’s founder, assured donors Friday that because the campaign didn’t reach its $1 billion goal, they would be refunded. However, Kolfage announced he’s still determined...CONTINUE READING
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