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Here’s your first look at HBO’s creepy ghost story, ‘Sharp Objects’

At one point during this minute-long glimpse at HBO’s July miniseries, Sharp Objects, we see Amy Adams apparently inserting a needle beneath one of her fingernails. Unnecessary, HBO. Sharp Objects is an adaptation of Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn’s first novel. It follows Camille Preaker, a journalist (Adams) who returns to her hometown to cover...CONTINUE READING

The cast of ‘Jane the Virgin’ was just as blown away by that twist as we all are

Jane the Virgin Twitter went WILD on Friday night. Spoilers ahead. The show’s fourth season ended with a major reveal: Michael Cordero, a character that’s been dead since just before a time jump skipped the story ahead by three years back in Season 3. SEE ALSO: Yup, ‘Jane the Virgin’ just gave fans the most...CONTINUE READING

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is under fire for queerbaiting viewers

Viewers are not happy with Australia’s version of Bachelor In Paradise, calling the show out for queerbaiting. Given the general lack of LGBTQ romances on screen, queerbaiting is a concern among audiences that television producers only hint at LGBTQ relationships for shock value instead of actually depicting them. SEE ALSO: China’s Weibo bans LGBTQ content,...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver bought Russell Crowe’s jockstrap for a Blockbuster store. Really.

So, John Oliver apparently just bought Russell Crowe’s jockstrap to lend a hand to a video store. This is an actual thing. Last week, Crowe put on a massive auction of his stuff called “The Art of the Divorce.” It managed to reap the Australian actor more than $3 million in sales, where Crowe managed...CONTINUE READING

Laura Ingraham visits ‘SNL’ Weekend Update to announce her new sponsors

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update news segment hosted a visit from Laura Ingraham (Kate McKinnon) this week. You remember Ingraham, right? The Fox News host who mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, then immediately saw her TV sponsorships vanish before she took off on a week-long vacation that was definitely, absolutely, 100 percent planned? Ingraham’s...CONTINUE READING

Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro roast Trump in a blockbuster ‘SNL’ cold open

Donald Trump and his henchmen— er, administration had a busy week after the home, office, and hotel room of Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen were raided by the FBI. And Saturday Night Live pulled out all the stops in the latest cold open as a result. Ben Stiller’s Cohen visits Washington, D.C. for a meeting...CONTINUE READING

Adam Savage is back with a ‘MythBusters’ show for kids

While the original MythBusters team has disbanded, Adam Savage is back with a version aimed at kids. Slated to premiere late 2018, the Science Channel series is dubbed MythBusters Jr., and will feature Savage as host and executive producer. SEE ALSO: A brief history of Shark Week The 10-episode series will give six kids a...CONTINUE READING
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