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Surprise! ‘Fortnite’ is blowing every game out of the water on Twitch

In the first half of 2018, there was one game on Twitch that performed heads above the rest: Fortnite. Fortnite has taken Twitch by storm this year, beating out League of Legends in the second quarter of 2018 to become the most-viewed game on the livestreaming platform, according to a data report from streaming company...CONTINUE READING

Ride-hailing app drivers can livestream your ride — and it’s often legal

It’d be one thing for your Uber or Lyft driver to record your trips in their car — but it’s another thing entirely when your driver posts that footage online. If you don’t think that’s happening, you probably haven’t heard the recent story of Jason Gargac, a St. Louis-area Uber and Lyft driver who was...CONTINUE READING

Facebook launches gaming video hub to take on Twitch

Facebook is going after those eyeballs on Twitch. The social network has launched fb.gg, a hub which makes it easier for people to find gaming content that’s been streamed on the platform. SEE ALSO: HP’s new gaming headset actively cools your ears Front and centre in the hub are primarily popular titles such as Fortnite,...CONTINUE READING

Everyone hates Comcast and loves Netflix

People love streaming services such as Netflix and Twitch. Their internet service providers? Not so much.  That’s the conclusion reached by the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report, which used data from around 250,000 customer interviews.  SEE ALSO: The best VPNs according to Reddit This year, satisfaction with internet service providers reached an all-time...CONTINUE READING

Exterminate plans, there’s an epic ‘Doctor Who’ marathon streaming on Twitch

Exterminate plans, a seven-week Doctor Who marathon is coming to Twitch. The social streaming platform has announced a partnership with BBC Studios which will see the first ever online broadcasting event of the classic Doctor Who series. SEE ALSO: Why Star Trek has never topped ‘The Wrath of Khan’ We’re talking 500 glorious episodes from...CONTINUE READING

Cancel plans, Twitch is streaming a 48-hour ‘Saturday Night Live’ marathon

Put the biggest batch of popcorn you can muster on immediately. Social streaming platform Twitch has teamed up with NBC Universal for a 48-hour marathon of the very best bits of Saturday Night Live. GO. SEE ALSO: Tina Fey knows she ‘screwed up’ in her Charlottesville sheet-cake segment for ‘SNL’ Streamers will be able to...CONTINUE READING

Logan Paul’s Twitch debut features dicks and a racial slur

There are very few things that bring the internet together like the universal hatred of Logan Paul.  The disgraced YouTuber had his Twitch debut on Sunday and was immediately barraged with explicit images of genitalia during the livestreamed game of Fortnite.  SEE ALSO: Logan Paul exploits car crash for vlog views, proves he’s learned nothing...CONTINUE READING

Twitch viewers took over 500 hours to beat ‘Super Metroid’ together

The collective Twitch community isn’t going to be taking any speedrunning world records anytime soon. SEE ALSO: Twitch streamer gives a young gamer the most heartwarming pep talk after losing Inspired by Twitch Plays Pokémon, a Twitch account allowed viewers to play Super Metroid by inputting commands into the chat and it only took the...CONTINUE READING
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