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An empty Bumble claw game became a sad metaphor for online dating

Online dating is hard. We get it. There are countless tweets about the difficulties of finding an internet soulmate, and a whole subreddit dedicated to telling the worst dating stories. We’ve even written multiple lists, articles, and opinion pieces about the struggles of finding love through an app.  But nothing quite encapsulates the online dating...CONTINUE READING

Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump talked about prison reform, because 2018 is off the rails

This year has been a pretty wild one already, but it just got stranger.  Kim Kardashian West — like, beauty mogul and reigning queen of reality TV Kim Kardashian West — visited the White House on Wednesday to talk about prison reform with President Donald Trump.  SEE ALSO: Trump thanks MAGA-hat-wearing Kanye and we’re just...CONTINUE READING

Kanye’s new political rap wants to ‘let the people talk.’ Here’s what they’re saying.

Oh, did you think Kanye West was done grabbing attention for the week? Pfffttt. Following the release of his new song “Lift Yourself,” which may or may not have just been one big troll on poop-scooping, Kanye dropped “Ye Vs. The People.” The track features rapper T.I., with the two trading verses as they discuss...CONTINUE READING

Survivor leaves 5-star eyeliner review because it stayed perfectly intact after car crash

Warning: this article contains photos that some people might find disturbing. Good waterproof eyeliner is hard to find. Makeup lovers are always on the search for products that won’t budge, even after crying jags or a day at the beach.  Or in one eyeliner loyalist’s case, surviving a car crash.  SEE ALSO: Garden brows are...CONTINUE READING

Toddler scares the crap out of her mom in the most innocent way possible

When IT came out in 1990, it terrified children and parents alike. The 2017 reboot of IT  is still keeping people on their toes.  Twitter user @BornToBriWild’s three-year-old daughter gave her a scare recently when she looked down the drain and said, “Hi Georgie.”  In IT, Georgie is a little boy who gets lured into...CONTINUE READING

The ‘American Chopper’ meme just got the perfect upgrade

The American Chopper meme, which quickly became one of the most popular forms of sharing discourse, just got better. Twitter user @hipsterpelagius shared this version of the meme, which started out as a five-panel image featuring trivial arguments, as drawn by 9gag user janganzalim. It’s done. This meme has reached Peak Perfectionpic.twitter.com/n9dQYeICdQ — Justin (@hipsterpelagius)...CONTINUE READING

Pennsylvania schools are arming their teachers with very useful mini baseball bats

In the midst of a national gun debate led by victims of the Parkland shooting, one Pennsylvania school district is taking a … rather questionable approach to protecting students from another in-school tragedy. The Millcreek School District announced Wednesday that it will be arming its 500 teachers with miniature baseball bats to fend off potential...CONTINUE READING

Everyone is terrified to eat popcorn during ‘A Quiet Place’

Keep your popcorn, and your Whoppers, and your crunchy-as-hell nachos out of the movie theater this weekend. Please.  John Krasinski’s thriller A Quiet Place debuted Friday and has stunned movie goers into stomach-grumbling silence. The film’s plot (no spoilers) revolves around a young family’s effort to survive in a world taken over by sound-sensitive monsters...CONTINUE READING
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