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Here’s a pretty compelling argument against Twitter’s new character limit

On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the platform’s new 280-character limit for tweets just as you’d expect—in a 280-character tweet.  But could he have made the same announcement in 140?  SEE ALSO: Twitter increases character limit to 280, internet erupts into flames From the looks of Twitter right now, a lot of people think...CONTINUE READING

Twitter actually has a pretty good reason for its new character limit

People across the world love Twitter. But the Twitter experience isn’t quite the same in English, Spanish, Arabic, or Japanese.  English-speaking Twitter users are used to being able to say a certain amount in a 140-character limit. Since the beginning of Twitter, that 140-character limit has gotten others on Twitter a different amount to say—usually...CONTINUE READING

Twitter can keep its extra characters, I want to edit tweets

Geez, Twitter, have you not been listening? Yesterday, in an unsolicited act of largess, Twitter doubled the number of tweet characters from 140 to 280 characters for unspecified number of Twitter users. The change was announced by Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. This is exactly what we don’t need. Forget brevity. I’ve spent a...CONTINUE READING

Looks like Trump hasn’t gotten upgraded to 280 characters on Twitter yet. Bless.

We may all be able to take a temporary sigh of relief. When Twitter announced on Tuesday that the platform would be adding an additional 140 characters to tweets — giving users the option to compose 280-character messages in the future — everyone had the same fear: What will Donald Trump say with more characters?...CONTINUE READING

Twitter is testing a 280-character expansion and everyone is making the same joke

Twitter tests a new feature, Twitter users respond with sass.  SEE ALSO: Twitter’s #280characters is the new verified blue tick, because people are super jelly they don’t have it That’s a general rule of our favourite microblogging platform. But now that with the 280-character experiment for a few chosen ones the platform wants to become...CONTINUE READING

Twitter’s #280characters is the new verified blue tick, because people are super jelly they don’t have it

Twitter has started allowing a handful of its users to post tweets of 280 characters — double its longstanding 140 character length. But because only a “small group” of users is part of the trial, everyone else left out of the party is jealous as heck. SEE ALSO: 6 reasons Trump should stay away from...CONTINUE READING
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Twitter increases character limit to 280, internet erupts into flames

In a move seemingly designed to gladden only trolls and sitting U.S. presidents, Twitter announced Tuesday that, for a “small group” of users, it has increased its longtime 140 character limit to 280. Predictably, a bunch of people are freaking out. Although it’s unclear when the change will be rolled out to all users, everyone...CONTINUE READING

6 reasons Trump should stay away from longer tweets

President Donald Trump seems to enjoy the inflammatory 140-character dispatches that he quickly (and too effortlessly) sends on Twitter. But when Twitter expands its limit to 280 characters — starting this week for a small group of users — Trump’s relationship to the social media platform may change. And it likely won’t be pretty.  SEE...CONTINUE READING

Twitter is actually ditching the 140-character limit (for some)

Twitter just changed the rules of tweeting. The company is now testing a change that doubles Twitter’s character limit for “a small group” of accounts. It’s not clear when the change will roll out more broadly. SEE ALSO: Twitter finally breaks silence on why it’s never suspended President Trump Under the test, users will be...CONTINUE READING
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