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J.K. Rowling confirms a Hermione theory that we suspected all along

If you decide to give your character a name that’s any longer than two syllables, you had better believe that people are going to mispronounce it. The Harry Potter books are no exception. People managed with Harry and Ron okay, but the second it came to Voldemort and Hermione, the problems started. SEE ALSO: PSA:...CONTINUE READING

George RR Martin says ‘Game of Thrones’ could have gone on way longer

If you’re lamenting the fact that Game of Thrones will be finished forever soon, don’t blame George RR Martin. He’s just as upset about the show ending as you are. SEE ALSO: The first ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoff starts filming soon “I dunno. Ask David and Dan when they come through,” Martin said on the...CONTINUE READING

Lin-Manuel Miranda shares what starring in ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ means to him

Half a century ago, back in 1964, a film came out that would shape the childhoods of not just one generation, but pretty much every generation that came thereafter.  Mary Poppins, since first it graced cinema screens, became a firm fixture on family television sets. I recall my grandmother posting me a card with a...CONTINUE READING

Henry Cavill posts wildly cryptic Instagram response to ‘Superman’ rumours

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet lately, you’ve probably heard the rumours that Henry Cavill’s days as Superman are over. The question is, are they actually? SEE ALSO: Henry Cavill is reportedly done as Warner Bros.’ Superman The answer to that one is tricky to pin down — and it’s been made even more...CONTINUE READING

Ross Kemp filming himself while watching soccer is more entertaining than the actual game

When Ross Kemp isn’t busy confronting scary people in one of his documentaries, he likes to unwind in front of a soccer match. Actually, “unwind” might be the wrong way of of putting it. SEE ALSO: Soccer player scores brilliantly odd goal, follows it up with an even better tweet Here’s the actor and journalist’s...CONTINUE READING

Google Home teams up with UK retailer for voice shopping service

Spending your hard-earned pounds from the comfort of your own home just got a lot easier. For Brits with a Google Assistant around, that is.  SEE ALSO: Google Assistant is bilingual at last UK retailer Argos is launching the nation’s first voice shopping partnership with Google.  Simply by saying the words, “OK Google, ask Argos,”...CONTINUE READING

32-year-old YouTuber shares his terminal cancer diagnosis in really moving video

British YouTuber PeeWeeToms has shared his terminal cancer diagnosis in a powerful vlog.  The 32-year-old vlogger — whose real name is Dan — was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2015 — “a type of sarcoma and carcinoma called a sarcomatoid carcinoma.” He’s been charting his cancer journey on his YouTube channel. “This...CONTINUE READING

Ryan Reynolds and Paddington are in the middle of a brutal Twitter feud

Twitter may be a place where rage-fuelled arguments take place on a minute-ly basis, but it’s also a place where Ryan Reynolds and Paddington can interact with each other. So there’s that, at least. SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on Twitter It all started on Wednesday evening, when...CONTINUE READING

‘The End of the F***ing World’ is coming back for a second season and it’s time to celebrate

If you enjoyed the dark humour and acerbic one-liners from The End of the F***ing World (TEOTFW), then we have some splendid news for you: it’s going to be back for a second season. The Netflix black comedy, based on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel, ran for eight episodes earlier this year and ended on something...CONTINUE READING

This woman was ‘upskirted’ at a music festival. Her campaign is changing the law.

Gina Martin was at a music festival watching The Killers last summer when two men kept making advances towards her. She repeatedly turned them down. Shortly after, she spotted one of the men looking at a photo of her crotch on his phone. She had just been “upskirted” — a term that refers to the...CONTINUE READING
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