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Gender is also the largest explanation for hate crime in opposition to ladies, new knowledge presentations

Gender may have been the motivation for over half the hate crimes reported by women in 2018, a new data analysis has revealed. Despite the prevalence of this category of hate crime, crimes motivated by gender are “currently not recorded” or acted on as hate crimes by most police forces, per The Fawcett Society, a...CONTINUE READING

‘Sport of Thrones’ fanatics have a wild principle about why Bran is not within the new teaser

There are definitely spoilers here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  When the good people at HBO throw us a Game of Thrones-related bone, you can bet that we’ll pick incessantly at said bone until all possible clues have been extracted. HBO just dropped a new teaser trailer for the final season of the show,...CONTINUE READING

Sport of Thrones’ megastar Sophie Turner tweets an impressive thread about psychological sickness

Sophie Turner’s Twitter feed has plenty of Game of Thrones and X-Men retweets, plus a whole lot of A+ interaction with her co-star Maisie Williams.  But that’s not all there is. SEE ALSO: Maisie Williams will be Sophie Turner’s bridesmaid because Stark sisters stick together One topic that crops up regularly on Turner’s timeline is...CONTINUE READING

Ken Jeong and James Corden staff up for hilarious spoof ’90s ads

Frankly, all TV commercials should be set to the sound of “No Scrubs.”  And, thanks to James Corden and Ken Jeong, we now know what ’90s commercials would have been like had they been set to TLC’s iconic pop banger. The two teamed up for a sketch on The Late Late Show where they acted...CONTINUE READING

Netflix tweets the important thing to unlocking a ‘Bandersnatch’ scene you could have neglected

Think you’ve seen every possible recorded minute of Bandersnatch footage? Well, even if you’ve sat in front of your screen for hours testing out the various combinations in the Black Mirror choose-your-own-adventure, you may still have missed a few moments. SEE ALSO: ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ releases astonishing behind-the-scenes clips On Tuesday, the official Netflix UK...CONTINUE READING

China is pioneering the way forward for automation — by means of turning its eyes to the skies

In China, the era of automation we’ve all been promised by science fiction films is already underway. Not only is the country investing heavily in autonomous vehicles like cars — it’s also turning its eyes to the skies. In a recent survey, UBS found that the airline industry could save up to $35 billion by...CONTINUE READING

Drone sightings reason extra chaos at some other UK airport, army will get referred to as in

Another day, another drone-related airport shutdown. It’s only been a few weeks since drone sightings at London’s Gatwick Airport caused around 1,000 flights to be delayed, and prompted a huge police search for the culprits. SEE ALSO: UK police get new powers to seize and search naughty drones And on Tuesday evening, shortly after the...CONTINUE READING

Magical pooch plays tips to ‘Harry Potter’ spells, merits 10 issues for Gryffindor

A long-haired, mini dachshund with the name Remus is frankly adorable enough already.  But when you add a miniature Hogwarts uniform, and a video of the little chap doing tricks in response to Harry Potter spells, the whole thing goes to another level. SEE ALSO: Pottermore’s unnecessary poop tweet reminds us that wizards are gross,...CONTINUE READING

UK police get new powers to take hold of and seek naughty drones

Remember the enormous, pre-Christmas chaos those drone sightings caused at London’s Gatwick Airport last month? The ones that put the whole airport on lockdown, delayed roughly 1,000 flights and prompted a lengthy police investigation? SEE ALSO: Still at large: Drones responsible for shutting down one of the UK’s busiest airports Well, it looks like people...CONTINUE READING
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