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Lena Headey posts touching Instagram reaction to Emilia Clarke’s essay on well being struggles

Actor Emilia Clarke has published a very honest and moving essay about the health problems she faced while filming Game of Thrones. After collapsing at the gym shortly after she’d finished making Season 1, Clarke was diagnosed with a subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH)Per the NHS website, this is “an uncommon type of stroke caused by bleeding...CONTINUE READING

A petition to stay within the EU has long past so viral it crashed a central authority site

You might have heard, but things aren’t exactly going smoothly in the run-up to Brexit. The exodus from the EU is slated to happen on March 29, which (*checks calendar*) is just days away. A petition to remain in the EU and revoke Article 50 gained over 600K signatures before crashing the government petitions website. ...CONTINUE READING
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James Corden surprises individuals who ordered pizza with a thriller field, and the prizes are one thing else

From the point of ordering a pizza to the pizza finally being delivered to your door, you are normally pretty desperate to eat said pizza. But would you gamble away that cheesy heaven for the possibility of a mystery prize? This is the choice James Corden presents to random strangers in the segment above. Unsurprisingly,...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver asks Monica Lewinsky about her revel in of public shaming

Is it ever okay for someone to be publicly shamed? That’s the tricky question tackled by John Oliver on Sunday’s edition to Last Week Tonight. As part of the deep dive, Oliver goes through some recent examples of times a single person has faced widespread wrath — from the woman wrongfully accused of being the...CONTINUE READING

‘Harry Potter’ fanatics don’t seem to be proud of JK Rowling’s newest Dumbledore feedback

If you’ve been anywhere near Twitter in the past 24 hours, you’ve likely heard about J.K. Rowling’s latest Fantastic Beasts comments — the ones where she described, in a DVD feature for The Crimes of Grindelwald, the “incredibly intense” “love” relationship Dumbledore shared with his rival. Chances are you’ve read some of the backlash, too....CONTINUE READING

Milo Ventimiglia provides James Corden a lap dance and oh my

Milo Ventimiglia is a man of many talents. One that might not have been immediately obvious, however, is his flair for dance.  Recently Ventimiglia was named Man of the Year by the Hasty Pudding Theatrical Society at Harvard University — the oldest theatrical society in the U.S.. Part of his induction into this society involved...CONTINUE READING

Kate Beckinsale stars in a hilariously dramatic cleaning soap opera composed fully of Bruno Mars lyrics

Creating viral late night content is a pretty competitive task that requires plenty of originality. It’s also something James Corden seems to have a knack for. In the sketch above, Kate Beckinsale and Milo Ventimiglia star alongside The Late Late Show host in a soap opera made up entirely of Bruno Mars lyrics. Cue some...CONTINUE READING

Gordon Ramsay explains how the fool sandwich meme has modified his existence

Master of cooking and swearing, Gordon Ramsay, has been a meme culture staple since 2015 when he invented the “idiot sandwich” (the act of putting two slices of bread around someone’s face) in a sketch on The Late Late Show. Ramsay returned to The Late Late Show on Tuesday, where he told host James Corden...CONTINUE READING

‘Derry Women’ is an ode to ’90s track and my nostalgic soul loves each and every minute

I don’t have enough fingers to count the things I love about Derry Girls.  There’s the fact that it captures the niche sense of humour of the Northern Irish people. And the fact that it’s subverting stereotypes about Northern Irish women. And the fact that it shines a light on what life during the Troubles...CONTINUE READING

James Corden pranking David Beckham with a faux statue is brutally awkward

Sometimes the best pranks are the simplest ones. But not always. Every now and then, it’s the most elaborate jokes — ones that include hidden cameras, fake statues and a whole host of actors, for instance — that really hit home. Enter James Corden. After hearing that David Beckham hadn’t seen the finalised version of...CONTINUE READING
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