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John Boyega praises inclusion riders, slams the ‘secret rules of Hollywood’

John Boyega has become the latest actor to praise the use of inclusion riders, following Frances McDormand’s memorable Oscars speech earlier in the month. Speaking at a Pacific Rim: Uprising screening, everyone’s favourite stormtrooper described the idea as “fantastic”. He also said he’d be interested in adopting them for his own production company, UpperRoom Productions,...CONTINUE READING

This soccer player has started celebrating goals by doing the dances in ‘Fortnite’

Every now and then, a game will get so popular that it starts to sneak its way into popular culture. Animal Crossing did it recentlyPokémon Go did it in a massive way a couple of years back. And now, it seems to be Fortnite’s turn. The battle royale survival-shooter has already made one headline today,...CONTINUE READING

Rose Leslie knows exactly how to deal with ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers from Kit Harington

Rose Leslie is in a position that many Game of Thrones fans would kill to be in. Not only has she starred in the actual show, but she’s also engaged to Kit Harington. Leaving aside the fact that Harington is impossibly chiselled, that also gives her unfettered early access to the final season’s storyline, right?...CONTINUE READING

‘Harry Potter’ fans are going wild over this possible ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’ plot hole

Describing the Harry Potter fanbase as passionate would probably be the world’s biggest understatement. It’s been over a decade since the final book was released, but J.K. Rowling is still regularly fielding questions about random plot points on Twitter. SEE ALSO: ‘Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ trailer takes us back to Hogwarts It’s...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Hawking had a brilliant response when asked if he had an equation for time travel

Stephen Hawking’s sense of humour is well-documented. SEE ALSO: The world reacts to the death of the much-loved Stephen Hawking Following the death of the legendary cosmologist on Wednesday, the Twitter account “Letters of Note” shared a letter he wrote to The Face Magazine in 1995. Stephen Hawking’s reply to The Face magazine when, in...CONTINUE READING

Here are the last things Stephen Hawking wrote on Reddit

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking may have passed away Wednesday morning, but the legacy he left will be felt for many years to come. Once the news of his death had reached Reddit, a thread about the legendary scientist was started on the r/science board. One of the links re-shared at the top was from Hawking’s...CONTINUE READING

Professor tells the story about that time she nearly killed Stephen Hawking

Sometimes it’s only after people pass away that you hear the most remarkable stories about their lives.  A former colleague of Stephen Hawking shared an anecdote about him after it was announced that he had died at age 76. And, it seems both Hawking and his classmate had a close brush with death.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Eddie Redmayne has paid a moving tribute to Stephen Hawking

The news that legendary physicist Stephen Hawking passed away on Wednesday morning brought a flood of tributes. SEE ALSO: Not just a brilliant scientist, Stephen Hawking was a pop culture juggernaut Everyone from scientists who admired him to celebrities who worked alongside him took to social media to express their sadness, share their stories and...CONTINUE READING

Ricky Gervais and ‘God’ just had a glorious Twitter exchange

Ricky Gervais has been talking to God. Not the one worshipped in Christianity, the one on Twitter. SEE ALSO: 27 times Ricky Gervais hilariously trolled his own girlfriend on Twitter Their exchange started Monday, after the British actor and comedian took to social media to promote his new stand-up show. FYI#Humanity drops at midnight LA...CONTINUE READING

Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling surprise strangers in the cinema

Random cinema-goers in LA have been getting a lot of surprises recently. Especially those who’ve gone to see A Wrinkle in Time. SEE ALSO: Oprah’s gift to Mindy Kaling’s daughter makes all other presents look like garbage It happened during the Oscars, and now it’s happened again. In the clip above, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon,...CONTINUE READING
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