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Lady Gaga just announced the duet of the century and fans cannot cope

LONDON — Toast and marmalade, Batman and Robin, and peanut butter and jelly. There are some things that just belong together.  Lady Gaga and Florence Welch are one such pairing.  SEE ALSO: Lady Gaga’s new single ‘Perfect Illusion’ is here and it’s everything you need it to be For some time now, Gaga and Flo...CONTINUE READING

Safety conscious cat perfectly demonstrates the correct use of a pedestrian crossing

If road safety advisors don’t use this video in absolutely every single one of their subsequent presentations, they’re clearly missing a trick. In the film above — captured on dashcam by Justin Scrutton in Dartford, UK — a black-and-white cat demonstrates the perfect way to safely use a zebra crossing. SEE ALSO: Badass cat is...CONTINUE READING

<div>A 'Tattoo Fixers' contestant was stuck with yet another ink disaster</div>

A woman who went on Tattoo Fixers to improve her ink was sadly stuck with another permanent mistake. Guest Kat signed up for the show to fix her “YOGDO” thigh tattoo (“YOGDO,” naturally, means “you only get divorced once”). Acclaimed tattoo fixer Alice Perrin brainstormed a delightful Alice in Wonderland-inspired design featuring a pocketwatch, flowers...CONTINUE READING
Category:Uk, Watercooler

<div>Hilarious parody gives hope to women suffering from 'headphones in ears'</div>

If you spotted the article about how to approach women wearing headphones, you’ll know that the struggle of headphone-wearing women is so very real.  For millions of women suffering from the tragic ‘headphones in ears’ condition, being asked out or even talked to by a guy is an impossibilityThankfully, all-female comedy troupe Honest Monster have...CONTINUE READING

Little girl performs epic dance routine to wish Paralympic athletes good luck

This little girl has got some seriously impressive moves. As part of a creative good luck message to Team GB Paralympic triathlete Andy Lewis, Pollyanna Hope — a little girl with an amputated leg — has filmed herself performing an awesome dance routine to Lukas Graham’s “7 Years”. SEE ALSO: Paralympics Opening Ceremony: All the...CONTINUE READING
Category:Dance, Uk

<div>The internet is convinced this kids' TV presenter dropped the C-bomb</div>

LONDON — You wouldn’t imagine a children’s TV song about “fluttering kites” could ever be a cause for controversy, but that’s where you’d be wrong. On Wednesday morning, Lyndsey Mann shared a video on Facebook of a clip from the British Cbeebies programme Show Me Tell Me. SEE ALSO: Olympics presenter awkwardly explains what couple...CONTINUE READING
Category:Awkward, Funny, Uk

<div>Kate Beckinsale dons leather, kicks ass in new 'Underworld: Blood Wars' trailer</div>

If you’re starting to feel like you don’t have anywhere near enough werewolves and vampires in your life, then brace yourselves for some good news: a new trailer for the latest instalment in the Underworld franchise, Blood Wars, is here. SEE ALSO: Nothing to see here, just Kate Beckinsale dressed as a giant penis The...CONTINUE READING
Category:Entertainment, Uk
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