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This train station billboard prank is, quite frankly, the stuff of nightmares

If ever Stephen King runs low on novel ideas, he could surely take some inspiration from the pictures below. SEE ALSO: British graffiti artist pranks McDonald’s emoji billboard Obviously googly eyes are meant to be a bit of light-hearted fun, but when they’re attached to billboard-sized human faces, the fun very quickly turns into terror....CONTINUE READING
Category:Billboard, Uk

<div>Apple to open new UK headquarters at London's Battersea Power Station</div>

Apple is opening a new UK headquarters at London’s Battersea Power Station, which will see 1,400 staff working in 500,000 square feet.  SEE ALSO: Irish government HQ bombarded with apples protesting Apple tax break In a statement to Mashable, Apple said employees from eight existing offices around the city will relocate in the “new London...CONTINUE READING
Category:Apple, London, Uk

Cafe trolls Donald Trump with an unusual sandwich recipe

If presidential candidates were reimagined as sandwiches, what would their fillings be? It’s a question many people have pondered for years. But now, a cafe in Belfast, Northern Ireland, thinks it has the answer. SEE ALSO: Daniel Radcliffe just dropped the mic on that Donald Trump/Voldemort comparison Last week, someone spotted the following chalk billboard...CONTINUE READING
Category:Donald Trump, Uk

<div>'Stranger Things' star Gaten Matarazzo opens up about his genetic condition</div>

LONDON — Gaten Matarazzo has spoken at length about his genetic condition during an appearance on last week’s Jonathan Ross Show. The actor, who won the hearts of pretty much everyone with his performance as Dustin in Netflix‘s hit series Stranger Things, explained that he was born with something called Cleidocranial Dysplasia — a genetic...CONTINUE READING
Category:Disability, Uk

<div>2 of the most badass 'Game of Thrones' characters just hung out IRL</div>

LONDON — Winter may be coming, but that doesn’t mean the Game of Thrones cast aren’t going to enjoy the summer while it lasts. Seeing as Tormund Giantsbane and Lyanna Mormont are plainly two of the show’s most badass characters (see here for an important reminder of just how badass the latter is), it’s really...CONTINUE READING

<div>Adorable 'tumble dryer' kittens born in London dry-cleaners will melt your heart</div>

LONDON — Cats are notorious for their peculiar post-partum practices.  For example, a mother cat will routinely relocate her litter, often moving the newborn kittens from one dark and quiet location to the next.  An East London dry-cleaners witnessed this unusual feline fact first-hand when, to its employees’ surprise, the desperate meows of four newborn...CONTINUE READING
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