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Tom Hanks drops the mic on that viral Bill Murray photo that confused everyone

Remember that picture of Bill Murray that went viral a while back? The one that everybody thought looked like Tom Hanks? Well Tom Hanks has now waded in on it — and he’s done it in the most glorious way possible. SEE ALSO: Tom Hanks perfectly recreates everyone’s favourite ‘Forrest Gump’ scene “I could make...CONTINUE READING

Russell Brand lays into Black Friday in an epic rant

Russell Brand’s epic tirades on his YouTube channel cover topics from Israel-Palestine to Renee Zellweger’s face.  This time, he’s taking on Black Friday.  SEE ALSO: Russell Brand grills Ed Miliband on taxes (yes, really) in trailer for new interview The English comedian intermittently shows footage from times past of chaotic crowds and outbreaks of violence...CONTINUE READING

Meet your new Black Friday hero, Dan, who had a hilarious exchange with Tesco

LONDON — Exasperated with the monotony of Black Friday?  Feeling the urge to take the piss out of the consumerist tradition?  A fan of cryptography and code breaking?  Meet your new hero, Facebook user Dan Parker.   SEE ALSO: This man’s flirty exchange with a customer service rep escalated hilariously On Facebook, Dan sends Tesco...CONTINUE READING

Local authority instantly regrets asking public to name new gritter

LONDON — If there’s one thing that whole Boaty McBoatface saga taught us, it’s that the public can never, ever be trusted. SEE ALSO: The boat unoffcially known as Boaty McBoatface is officially under construction Some people clearly haven’t learned, though. We want you to name our new gritter, so send us your suggestions by...CONTINUE READING
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