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Even after #MeToo, research reveals ‘alarming’ attitudes to consent and sexual assault

A major new survey has revealed the extent of alarming views about consent and what constitutes rape and sexual violence.  The research, conducted by the End Violence Against Women Coalition in collaboration with YouGov, found that a third of men in Britain believe that if a woman has flirted on a date it “generally wouldn’t...CONTINUE READING

Manchester United’s ‘not a cellphone in sight’ meme backfires spectacularly

Here’s a sage piece of advice for you: think twice before you meme.   If only someone had given this advice to UK football club Manchester United, they would not be in the situation they are in now.  The club’s attempt at a “not a cellphone in sight” meme has backfired spectacularly, since no one...CONTINUE READING

UK lawmakers just released a trove of internal Facebook documents

Just like our own Facebook profiles, Facebook‘s past activities keep coming back to haunt them. The UK has released a 250 page document containing private emails from Facebook, including communiques from Mark Zuckerberg himself.  SEE ALSO: Embarrassing PDF fail reveals Facebook considered selling access to data The emails come from a California court case, brought...CONTINUE READING

Michael B. Jordan cringes while watching footage of himself taking a real punch from a boxer

Acting usually means pretending — but not always. Sometimes it gets a whole lot more real than that. During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Michael B. Jordan spoke about the time he took an actual punch from boxer Tony Bellew while filming Creed. “In the Rocky films, it’s like a badge of honour...CONTINUE READING

British MP shares that he’s HIV positive in powerful speech in parliament

A British member of parliament has given a deeply personal and arresting speech, disclosing his HIV positive status and calling on more funding for HIV prevention medication.  Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown, shared that he had been HIV positive for almost 10 years, and talked about the moment he was diagnosed, and his...CONTINUE READING

Sarah Silverman and John C. Reilly answer gloriously weird questions from kids

Why bother coming up with serious, adult questions when you can just get kids to ask the questions for you? At the very least, you can guarantee the things they’ll ask will probably be somewhat outside the box. “Would you like 151 spiders or 151 snakes?” and “What is your favourite molecule?” are just two...CONTINUE READING

How architecture and design set the foundation for better public health

Investment in health care systems — and innovative ways to improve them — is on the rise. Reports estimate that new, global health ventures could generate $1.65 trillion in new business value by 2030. Investments come from many sources — governments, private entities, and international institutions — and, collectively, this capital can help enact real...CONTINUE READING

Russell Brand shares a moving video about how to deal with grief

Russell Brand may be best known for his comedy and his acting, but lately his focus has been pretty different. From his recent book about addiction (Recovery) to his ongoing Under the Skin podcast, Brand has been channelling a lot of energy into self-help and a deeper exploration of topics that range from psychology and...CONTINUE READING

Giant inflatable Santa causes traffic chaos because, well, holidays are coming

It’s the most wonderful time of year. And that means, every street corner will be looking like Santa’s Little Helpers have puked up twinkly lights and inflatable holiday characters.  One road in Cambridgeshire, UK, fell foul of the festive cheer after an inflatable santa got loose and blew onto a road, causing traffic pandaemonium.  SEE...CONTINUE READING
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