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A digital fact ‘Physician Who’ movie is coming to a headset close to you

If you’ve always wanted know what it’s like to travel through space and time, then this is for you. Soon, you can space/time travel with The Doctor inside the TARDIS for a full 12 minutes.  The BBC announced it is releasing an animated virtual reality Doctor Who film in 2019, that will allow viewers to...CONTINUE READING

This ‘Harry Potter’ thread will make you spot Molly Weasley and Sirius another way

You know a book series is popular when it’s still prompting regular, viral Twitter threads over two decades after it began. Today’s observation concerns Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and comes from writer Anne Thériault. SEE ALSO: 5 articles that’ll only make sense to true ‘Harry Potter’ fans In particular, Thériault had...CONTINUE READING

MTV UK is bringing again the unique ‘Cribs’ and 2019 is taking a look brighter already

Have you missed watching celebrities give long-winded tours of their lavish homes before finally arriving at the master bedroom and delivering the classic line: “This is where the magic happens?” Good newsCribs is coming back to a screen near you, MTV UK has announced, as reported by Hollywood Reporter.  SEE ALSO: Instagram seems to be...CONTINUE READING
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Guy will get hit within the face by means of a flying fish in excessive sluggish movement

We probably wouldn’t recommend riding a rubber ring through a river containing flying fish — it’s evidently not great for the human or the fish involved — but if you are going to do it, you might as well capture the results in slow motion. That’s exactly what YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys have done...CONTINUE READING

Not like maximum of US, self sustaining cars in the United Kingdom may not require riders

As soon as this year, self-driving cars in the UK could be truly driverless. That is, except for the remote control driver monitoring the vehicle while it drives in trial runs. But no one has to be in the car, so the future really is here. The UK’s Department for Transport put out an updated...CONTINUE READING

Elizabeth Banks reveals the British accessory very horny and smartly, do not all of us

We might be famed for our notoriously terrible teeth, our inclement weather, and our insatiable thirst for tea. But we Brits are also in possession of a secret weapon: our sexy accents.  For some (frankly inexplicable) reason, a lot of people find it irresistible. Even movie star Elizabeth Banks.  “I think the English accent is...CONTINUE READING

Meghan Markle wrote uplifting notes on bananas certain for intercourse staff in want

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is giving back to the community and adding her own personal touch along the way. On Friday, she and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, visited the One25 organization in Bristol, which works to “reach out to women trapped in or vulnerable to street sex-work, supporting them to break free and build...CONTINUE READING

How millennials can give a contribution to their monetary futures whilst supporting their values

Millennials have made headlines for everything from their tendency to job-hop to their fondness for avocados. There’s a reason the media has a laser-focus on millennial habits: In the not-too-distant future, the spending power of this avocado-loving generation has significant implications for governments, NGOs, and businesses the world over. Financial experts are keeping a close...CONTINUE READING

Richard E. Grant’s fan letter to Barbra Streisand will get pretty answer 47 years after he despatched it

You might not know this, but even massive celebrities have major fangirl moments.  Take Richard E. Grant, for instance, who tweeted a letter he’d penned at age 14 to his idol, Barbra Streisand, alongside a picture of himself posing outside her house.  SEE ALSO: ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ score multiple Oscar nominations What followed was...CONTINUE READING

James Corden’s mobile phone guessing recreation is hilariously stressful

Ever wondered what the contents of a celebrity’s cell phone might be? Well, now you know. Or at least, now you know the most recent text, photo, and the last song played on the phone of one celebrity in particular. In the game above, James Corden uses those three clues to interrogate actors Charlie Day,...CONTINUE READING
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