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Stephen Miller can have sprayed his hair on (?) and Twitter is having a laugh

White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller appeared on CBS news show Face the Nation Sunday afternoon sporting a… new hairdo.  It’s certainly new hair, anyway. Well, paint. It looks like paint. And Twitter is having an absolute field day with his new look.  SEE ALSO: Pauly Shore returns from the ’90s to play Stephen...CONTINUE READING

Trump declares Kavanaugh ‘proven innocent’, internet calls him out

Donald Trump has apologized to his new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family for “the terrible pain and suffering” they “endured” during the process of his confirmation.  At the official swearing-in event at the White House on Monday, Trump said Kavanaugh had been a victim of “a campaign of political and personal destruction...CONTINUE READING

Cynthia Nixon loses NY primary and shares a powerful message to young people on Twitter

Governor Andrew Cuomo won the Democratic nomination for a third term as governor of New York, defeating actress and activist Cynthia Nixon.  SEE ALSO: Sarah Jessica Parker agrees ‘Sex and the City’ was ‘tone deaf’ on diversity Nixon had campaigned hard on issues such as legalisation of marijuana and racial and economic justice. In her...CONTINUE READING

No one really won Sweden’s general election and people are utterly confused

Over 99 percent of the votes have been counted, but one question remains unanswered after the Swedish election. Who won?   SEE ALSO: Europe is way ahead of U.S. when it comes to electric vehicles As neither of the country’s two main political blocks (the red-green alliance led by current prime minister Stefan Löfven or...CONTINUE READING

Watch Kim Jong-un’s stunned reaction to Trump’s fat joke

Most people wouldn’t use an international nuclear weapons summit to try out their latest comedy material. Most people aren’t President Trump. At lunchtime during Trump’s Singapore summit Tuesday, the president joked to photographers that they should make him and Kim Jong-un look “handsome and thin.” SEE ALSO: 5 ways parents can talk to kids about...CONTINUE READING

Bill Gates says he had to twice explain the difference between HIV and HPV to Trump

Footage of Bill Gates talking about some of the more awkward conversations he’s had with Donald Trump has been obtained by MSNBC. SEE ALSO: Here’s what happened when Trump asked Bill Gates to be his science advisor In the video above, which the Guardian reports was taken at a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation meeting,...CONTINUE READING