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Let these slow-motion videos of glorious giant bubbles cleanse your eyeballs

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter. Life can be stressful, but you know what isn’t? Watching giant, glistening soap bubbles float through the air. It might sound weird, but I recently learned first-hand how...CONTINUE READING

This dramatic faux movie trailer for ‘The #BlueWave’ wants you to vote in the midterms

Midterm elections are coming, and people are pulling out all the stops to inspire others to go out and vote. For example, Portland-based media company Eleven Films created a faux movie trailer for “The #BlueWave” to get people pumped for the midterm elections. The trailer recaps some of 2018’s most noteworthy political moments — from...CONTINUE READING

Please enjoy this grandmother’s perfect bottle flip

Bottle flipping, America’s favorite pastime, will never die. It’s a skill that few possess, and produces an unmatched thrill when you finally land your first bottle. Take this grandma, for example, who stacked three cans of beans  and then defied all odds by flipping a wattle bottle onto the top can.  An American hero. Read...CONTINUE READING

Watch this chill lion climb aboard a safari vehicle full of tourists

It’s my general understanding that wild lions are pretty dangerous, but after watching a very relaxed lion jump into a safari vehicle full of people, I am very confused. During a safari at Taigan Safari Park in Vilnohirsk, Crimea, a lion named Filya boarded a vehicle full of tourists, according to the Associated Press. Once...CONTINUE READING

Cameraman falls in lake on live TV, still gets the perfect shot

Sometimes you get so into your work that you accidentally fall into a lake. It happens!  But if you’re a cameraman named Chris, you might just be skilled enough to recover and capture the whole incident for live television. That’s what happened during this Las Vegas broadcast. Chris was capturing footage of his colleague reporting...CONTINUE READING
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