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This 2D game is so frustrating it’ll hurt your eyes just to watch someone else playing

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. There are some games out that are so mind-numbingly rage-inducing that just the simple act of watching another human playing them is enough to bring on a cold sweat. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Man pulls bizarre Princess Diana shrine prank on roommate, goes viral

There are plenty of pranks you can play on your roommates. SEE ALSO: Dude turns his roommate’s FIFA obsession into a goofy Instagram art project Many of these are well documented. There’s the classic “cover everything in clingfilm/wrapping paper” prank. There’s the one where you turn all of their possessions upside-down. There’s also that one...CONTINUE READING

Firefighter’s tweet goes viral in the wake of the London tower fire

It’s now been over 24 hours since a horrendous fire ripped through a 24-story highrise tower block in West London. Throughout Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, firefighters from across London were working to rescue people from the building and combat the spreading flames. SEE ALSO: London tower residents repeatedly blogged about fire safety — but...CONTINUE READING
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This Scottish man’s sweary tweet about meeting a man with the exact same name has gone viral

Ever wondered how many people out there share the exact same name as you? Whether they’re taller or shorter? Better or worse looking? More or less successful? Ever wanted to meet up with one of them and find out? SEE ALSO: This man’s 32-point Twitter thread about what it’s like to live with just girls...CONTINUE READING