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In honor of Ellen’s birthday, Michelle Obama gave America a beautiful pep talk

In honor of Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th birthday Michelle Obama stopped by to give her (and the rest of America) the greatest gift of all — a reassuring pep talk.  “I personally feel frightened. I feel like the world is a very scary place right now,” Ellen admitted to her friend and former FLOTUS. “People are...CONTINUE READING

See the hilarious evolution of one reporter’s loooong signature sign-off

Glenn Payette, a reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Newfoundland and Labrador, is known for his long sign-off: “Glenn Payette, CBC News, St. Joohhnn’s.” But the reporter didn’t always end his broadcasts like that. In fact, this compilation shows that his signature “St. Joooohhhhnnnn’s” is something that’s evolved gradually over the years.  It’s barely...CONTINUE READING

This family took on the TidePod challenge and it’s not what you think

The Oribello family in Colorado pretended to take part in the Tide Pod Challenge by swapping out the detergent pods for frosted treats. The family claims to have posted the video to raise awareness of the dangers of eating TidePods. Some in the comment section praised them for their successful prank, while others criticized their...CONTINUE READING

Hillary Clinton praised ‘activist bitches supporting bitches.’ Good for her.

Yes, it’s true. Hillary Clinton did say “activist bitches supporting bitches,” as other media outlets reported on Friday after a tweet from political commentator Alex Mohajer went viral.  Why? Someone who ran an activist organization named after that phrase asked her to do so during a lunch event in New York this week.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Enormous bottle of rosé meets tragic fate at the club

I’ve got a gift for all you schadenfreude junkies out there: a man fumbling with, then dropping, an extremely expensive bottle of alcohol. Originally posted on a Facebook page called Ibiza Club News (party on!), several outlets have referred to the bottle as Champagne worth $42,000. That, unfortunately, is probably not true — the general...CONTINUE READING

Watch the moment 2 highway patrol officers discover California’s devastating mudslides

Earlier this month, two California Highway Patrol officers were responding to reports of a structural fire in Montecito when they drove straight into the first of many mudslides that would ravage the county that day. SEE ALSO: Photos: California’s wildfires make way for destructive mudslides The dashcam footage below shows the officers’ vehicle being picked...CONTINUE READING

Very effective guard dog barks at dangerous feather

German shepherds are well known for making great guard dogs, but sometimes, they’re a little too effective at protecting their owners from harm.  YouTuber Pomegranate Sunshine uploaded a clip to their channel on Tuesday of their protective pup barking away in the yard. Upon further investigation, the man discovered that their dog was barking at...CONTINUE READING