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Watch Theresa Might’s resignation speech interpreted via dance

On Friday, after failing to secure a deal for Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May offered a tearful resignation speech. But not everyone was equally as moved. Owen Jones, a left-wing columnist for The Guardian,  expressed no pity for the Conservative prime minister in a video that has since gone viral. But some folks took an...CONTINUE READING

Cool man Mayor Invoice de Blasio confesses his love for ska

Presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants you to know that he’s a very cool dude.  In an interview on CNN’s New Day on Tuesday, in a segment called “Candidate Mixtape,” the mayor discussed his musical taste. While de Blasio admitted that The Clash was his favorite band (fine choice, frankly),...CONTINUE READING

Here is the most efficient response to Robert F. Smith paying off the coed debt at Morehouse

Billionaire investor Robert F. Smith, this year’s commencement speaker at Morehouse College, revealed Sunday that he would pay student loan debt in full for the school’s entire graduating class. This was huge news for grads, many of whom were leaving school with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. It was also an enormous...CONTINUE READING

Pay attention to those pleasant renditions of ‘Outdated The town Highway’ in several musical genres

YouTuber Seth Everman understands pop music clichés intuitively — and that’s what makes him so good. Everman once showed people how to make Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” from scratch using everyday objects and a synthesizer. Recently, the YouTuber decided to play Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” on his synth in different musical genres. Watch...CONTINUE READING

Watch a pastry chef attempt to recreate Almond Joys and nearly destroy over coconuts

Claire Saffitz, the fearless pastry chef of Bon Appétit, appears to have broken once again. This time, it was over an attempt to make Almond Joys. This time, the experienced chef tried tackling the tropical gluten-free treat. While deliberating between ways to use coconut, a small fire started on the stove behind her. There’s a...CONTINUE READING

Dad hilariously makes an attempt to do a backflip right into a pool

That’s one small step for dad, one giant leap for viral content.  Twitter user @Taymonnnzzz made quite the splash with this priceless video of her (allegedly) intoxicated dad attempting to do a backflip into the pool.  SEE ALSO: The viral videos that helped me survive high school bullying After stating that he “should’ve been in...CONTINUE READING

This girl making a song an ode to her overalls is more or less a bop

Are you an overalls lover? Then here is the extremely relatable song you didn’t even know you needed.  27-year-old YouTuber Lex Croucher put a lot of hot takes into a catchy song. With the title “Ode to Dungarees (Adult Baby),” you can guess what the tune is about. Yup, dungarees (also known as overalls).  In...CONTINUE READING
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