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Guy noticed snowboarding with the assistance of a horse-drawn buggy

Skiing is apparently more fun when there’s a horse involved.  Jennifer Staggemeyer was driving through Harmony, Minnesota when she spotted what she thought was a horse and buggy stuck on the side of the road. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a man on skis being pulled by the seemingly driverless buggy.  OH...CONTINUE READING

Cat involves the rescue and unlocks door for its proprietor caught out of doors

Breaking news: A cat made itself useful. No, really!  When student Gabby Tropea found herself  accidentally locked out of her house, she decided to try the back sliding door. Unfortunately, that turned out to be locked, too. This is where Boco, her cat comes in. The rear door was locked with a wooden bar, which...CONTINUE READING

10 cute movies of turtles consuming strawberries

There is nothing quite as pure as watching animals try to eat cumbersome people food. Dogs and peanut butter, hamsters and crackers — it’s a match made in viral video heaven.  But our personal favorite physical manifestation of cuteness comes in the form of turtles trying to eat strawberries. Their mouths are just too small...CONTINUE READING

Watch children pull their enamel out with drones and guns

Kids are really pulling some strings these days.  When baby teeth become loose, they usually fall out without much issue. However, the stubborn ones might need a little help. But in modern times, we’ve certainly come a long way from using the slam of a door to take out a wobbly tooth.  It’s not only...CONTINUE READING

Guy who strangled a mountain lion recounts the horrific assault

Warning: this video contains graphic images that some readers may find disturbing.  Not wearing Airpods saved this mans life.  Well, kind of. Travis Kauffman, 31, was attacked by a mountain lion in the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space in Colorado on Feb. 4. Kauffman recounted his story to Colorado Parks and Wildlife just several days after,...CONTINUE READING

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez masterfully uncovered The us’s damaged marketing campaign finance device

Maybe you’ve never heard of the H.R. 1 bill, but chances are you’ve seen the viral video of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing what she’s called the “Corruption Game.” On Wednesday, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform held a hearing about H.R. 1., also known as For the People Act of 2019, which would do...CONTINUE READING

Hello, how do you assume a sentient baguette would transfer?

If a baguette was alive and could move around, how would it move? This is the vital question posed by a comedian and animator named Dave (@sheepfilms on Twitter), who gave the internet its latest thing to debate on Thursday. According to Dave, there are four possible ways a baguette could move: worm, gallop, robot...CONTINUE READING

Here is a timelapse of 10,000 larvae consuming an entire pizza

Pizza is one of the only good things left in this world. If you’d like to ruin it for yourself, we’d suggest viewing this. Science Magazine, a publication that hates when we feel happy, uploaded a timelapse on Wednesday featuring 10,000 black soldier fly larvae eating a pizza in two hours. Ew! Researchers, who posted...CONTINUE READING

This is the Tremendous Bowl halftime display if Maroon five had in reality performed the ‘SpongeBob’ tune

Maroon 5 and the NFL made a grievous mistake (one of many!) when they failed to include “Sweet Victory” in the Super Bowl halftime show.  Fortunately, disappointed SpongeBob fans can soothe their devastation with an approximation of what could’ve been. On Monday, Yeek Studios uploaded a re-dub of the very boring Maroon 5 halftime performance....CONTINUE READING

This video presentations the hilarity of training folks find out how to use generation

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week. While there are plenty of differences between Millennials and Gen Z, as digital natives we can all relate to one thing — being the in-house IT department for our parents.  We’ve all...CONTINUE READING
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