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Man goes skinny dipping in shark tank, and he’s lucky his ween didn’t get bit off

Some would call this stunt … Adult Swim.  On Friday, a man decided to jump into the expansive 2.9 million liter tank at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, in the nude. The massive tank is the largest exhibit at the Canadian aquarium, and allows visitors to view stunning close-up views of sea turtles, sharks, and most...CONTINUE READING

The ‘Potion Seller’ guy is still making videos, and it’s glorious

There are few millennials who can utter the words “Potion Seller” without bursting into giggles. “Potion Seller” is a 3 minute, 8 second video depicting an unnamed knight’s determined quest to obtain the eponymous Potion Seller’s strongest potion. Published in 2011, the short depicts the knight, played by Justin Kuritzkes, continually getting rebuffed by the...CONTINUE READING

A 24-year-old city council candidate is using super weird ads to get out the vote

Hayden Pedigo wants you to know that he’s running for city council.  The 24-year-old musician announced his bid for a seat on the Amarillo, Texas council in a Facebook post in August. In the bizarre clip, Pedigo tosses a folding chair across a creek, pulls out a measuring tape, and proceeds to measure the roads...CONTINUE READING

Reporter stays impressively calm in the face of mysterious animal on live TV

Live news: it’s full of surprises. Including … mysterious animals? Morgan Saxton, a broadcast journalist for KUTV in Salt Lake City, Utah, kept on reporting even when an unexpected animal entered the camera frame. “What you’re seeing is actually a dog coming into our live shot,” she said with a calmness to which we cannot...CONTINUE READING

This boomwhacker cover of ‘Don’t Stop Believin” is pretty bangin’

A video of Harvard’s THUD percussion group shows just how powerful the boomwhacker can be in their cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” In case you needed a quick lesson in boomwhackers, they’re hollow, plastic tubes that you whack in order to create a soundDepending on the length of the instrument, it will produce different...CONTINUE READING

Watch this brave lil’ raccoon climb up building, leap off, and survive

Sorry cats, but when it comes to climbing tall buildings, you’ve got nothing compared to raccoons. In Ocean City, New Jersey Friday, a raccoon was spotted a jaw-dropping nine stories up a building. The raccoon proceeded to leap off the building, hit the soft sand with its little raccoon feet, and scamper away. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Joana Ceddia went viral and brought back the spirit of old YouTube

Joana Ceddia is blowing up right now.  You might have stumbled across a video of her hacking off her hair with craft scissors in her parents’ bathroom, or watched her break down the contents of her school backpack to reveal a watermelon wedge and a stray parka like an unboxing video gone wrong.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

This guy makes a ‘September’ music video every year, and this year it’s the best

Demi Adejuyigbe knows how to commit to a bit.  The comedian has been heralding in every autumn with a tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire — dancing to their eternal banger “September” every September 21.  SEE ALSO: Twitter’s relationship with third-party apps is messy — but it’s not over The tradition started in 2016, when...CONTINUE READING

Ridiculous dudes hold Fenway Park banner hostage, and it’s the most Boston thing ever

Boston is a city of personality, from its iconic accent, to its loyalty to the Red Sox, to its determination to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Here’s a video that captures all of that in less than two minutes.  SEE ALSO: Massachusetts cops’ tweet-fail reveals they’re monitoring political activists Louie Iacuzzi was driving...CONTINUE READING
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