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I can’t stop watching strangers go on blind dates on YouTube

This is Ode To…, a weekly column where we share the stuff we’re really into in hopes that you’ll be really into it, too. First up: Blind dates on camera. Throughout my tenure as a YouTube connoisseur, I’ve cycled through plenty of content — but there are only so many vlogs, old celebrity interviews, and...CONTINUE READING

That creepy Olive Garden commercial script is just as weird on screen

Last week, a hilariously creepy script made the rounds online.  Writer and comedian Keaton Patti tweeted that he forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials, and then asked it to write its own version. The script he posted had some funny gems like describing pasta nachos as “warm and defeated”...CONTINUE READING

You can thank this cool grandma for Mexico’s big World Cup win

We are sure the players on Mexico’s soccer team are “talented” and “skilled athletes,” but they really owe their earthquake-inducing win on Sunday to one grandmother. Willy Gonzalez of El Paso, Texas, watched the game on TV with his family, and he saw it all go down. During the national anthem, Willy’s mother blessed each...CONTINUE READING

School receptionist rings in summer vacation with PA system cover of ‘At Last’

I am ashamed to admit that, as a student, I never paid that much attention to what anyone was saying over the PA system. But if my school had employed Regina Ballard, I might’ve.  The North Carolina school receptionist sang a truly beautiful rendition of “At Last” on Wednesday to celebrate her last day in...CONTINUE READING

This super clear video of a nearly perfect tornado is stunning

Mother nature is terrifyingly beautiful.  Storm chaser James Hammett caught footage of this tornado in Laramie, Wyoming. Driving along a highway, he managed to record the storm as it developed into a perfect cylinder.  It’s so perfect, the tornado almost looks a surreal CGI job. Hammett even got close enough to record the base of...CONTINUE READING

This adorable little girl’s graduation dance will warm your heart

If all grads were half as cute as 5-year-old Aubrey Toby, graduation ceremonies would be 1,000 percent more bearable. Dressed in a purple cap and gown, the North Carolina pre-k grad danced her way across the ceremony stage with the sweetest confidence.  SEE ALSO: Florida student scores 124 free pairs of Crocs for a very...CONTINUE READING

Angry alligator knocks out trapper with a headbutt

A trapper that captured an alligator was knocked out cold with a headbutt from the gator.  In a video captured by a local NBC affiliate, the alligator was restrained by zip ties. It had been wandering through a central Florida neighborhood, endangering the kids who play outside. “There’s gators everywhere,” one person in the video...CONTINUE READING

This might be the most impressively complicated handshake you’ll ever see

The only thing better than a solid handshake is a solid secret handshake that can’t be duplicated.   Twitter user @MelynnaPena shared a video on Sunday that shows her younger sister and a teacher engaging in a minute-long sequence of movements and motions that make up what might be the greatest secret handshake I’ve seen...CONTINUE READING

Guy barely saves drone from watery grave, and it’s truly impressive

When a drone’s battery dies mid-flight, most models will slowly descend to safety instead of crashing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really help if the drone is above a body of water when the battery goes.  YouTuber DaveSvorking experienced this very scenario recently. But instead of witnessing his precious flying machine die a watery death, he jumped...CONTINUE READING
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