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Youth voter turnout spiked during the midterms. Now what?

When making sense of the youth voter turnout in the 2018 midterm elections, there’s good news, bad news, and some more good news.  Early estimates show young people voted at historic rates. About 31 percent of people aged 18 to 29 voted in the midterms this year (a significant increase from 21 percent in 2014),...CONTINUE READING

Why America is using glitchy electronic voting machines

It’s been 18 years and several thousand lifetimes since the contested Bush-Gore presidential elections of 2000. Yet “hanging chads” are still haunting us — but not in the way you might think. Since states began introducing electronic voting machines and other technology in the voting process, digitizing various aspects of voting has been a boon...CONTINUE READING

77-year-old Beto O’Rourke supporter tears up after seeing him at the polls

What’s more exciting than voting in the midterm elections? Seeing a candidate you’re there to vote for while you’re at the polls. Pamela Aguirre, a 77-year-old Texas resident who voted in El Paso on Tuesday, got to experience this thrill first-hand, according to MSNBC. While she was casting her vote for Rep. Beto O’Rourke (who...CONTINUE READING

Google’s midterm election Doodle wants you to ‘Go Vote’

Google wants its users to get out and vote — so much so that the website’s latest Google Doodle is dedicated to the midterm elections. On Tuesday the search engine changed its iconic logo from “Google” to “Go Vote.” If you click the Doodle, you’re taken to the search results page for, “Where do I...CONTINUE READING

The ‘Me voting in 2016 vs. Me voting in 2018’ meme captures our collective exhaustion

A lot can change in two years — just look at the meme taking over Twitter feeds in the day before the midterm elections. The meme encourages people to think back to the day of the 2016 presidential election — a time when millions of Americans happily went to the polls to cast their ballots....CONTINUE READING

Everything you need to know to vote in the midterm elections

This is You Won’t Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team. Doing anything special on Tuesday, November 6, 2018? If you live in the United States and are registered to vote, you absolutely should have plans. Why? Because it’s Election Day. In case you haven’t...CONTINUE READING

How people with disabilities are kept from voting — and what you can do about it

Americans are busy getting ready to go to the polls on November 6. But as you read up on the candidates and ballot measures and plan your voting day, know that there are millions who may not even get the opportunity to cast a ballot in the upcoming midterm elections — or the elections that will...CONTINUE READING

These videos will get you fired up to vote in the midterms

Voting PSAs are meant to make you laugh, get you excited about democracy, and above all, motivate you to cast a ballot on Election Day — a day that will influence the next 10 years of our lives.  In an effort to combat historic patterns of underwhelming voter turnout during midterm elections, brands and advocacy...CONTINUE READING

Twitter’s #BeAVoter campaign had a brief, hilarious malfunction

Hey Twitter voters, find a time machine.  Twitter launched additional features for its #BeAVoter election campaign on Thursday. But even the best laid plans don’t always go off without a hitch. SEE ALSO: Twitter is launching a voter registration campaign One of the new features was a countdown to the election, along with a link...CONTINUE READING
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