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These weird pool floats will keep your drinks safe this summer

Picture it: You’re relaxing in your pool with a drink floating next to you in one of those fancy inflatable drink holders. Suddenly, a massive wave knocks your flimsy holder over, destroying everything you ever cared about. It’s a danger that falls somewhere between children using the pool as a bathroom and drowning. While definitely...CONTINUE READING

This “horror” was spotted off the coast of the Carolinas

Researchers from NOAA took a deep sea dive off the coast of the Carolinas and discovered some “unidentified” creatures. The team also caught a glimpse of the rarely-seen deepsea lizardfish. The creepy fish can grow to be more than 2 feet long and has some razor sharp teeth on him.  Read more…More about Science, Mashable...CONTINUE READING

These emission-free water taxis want to change how people move around in cities with waterways

SeaBubbles is a French startup that hopes to become the Uber of the waterways. They call their all-electric hydrofoil water taxi ‘The Bubble’ and they are planning on launching their service in 50 cities within the next five years. Read more…More about Transportation, Mashable Video, Uber, River, and Water Powered by WPeMatico

Make sure you’re getting enough water with this hydration reminder gadget

‘Ulla’ is a small, light-up device that reminds you to stay hydrated. Just stick it onto a reusable bottle. If you’re not drinking enough, it will blink to let you know when it’s time to sip. You can purchase ‘Ulla’ here for $25.00 here. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Water, Commerce, Real Time, and Real...CONTINUE READING

These teams are competing to create devices that can extract water from thin air

Clean water is a necessity, but as recent events in Cape Town have shown, securing it isn’t so easy. That looming challenge has led to a competition called the Water Abundance XPRIZE. It’s getting teams to build technology which can extract a minimum of 2,000 litres of water per day from the atmosphere, using 100...CONTINUE READING

World Water Day: How to get involved and make a difference

The stats aren’t great and the future looks bleak. More than 2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water. Nearly as many live in “potentially severely water-scarce areas,” with that number expected to rise to 3 billion by 2050. The global population and demand for water are both skyrocketing. Meanwhile, 20 percent of...CONTINUE READING
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