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A girl illegally climbed the Statue of Liberty. Now her pass judgement on desires to do it, too.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Gabriel Gorenstein might be a little too curious about the crime he’s overseeing. Gorenstein will preside over the case of Therese Okoumou, who climbed the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 2018 – only now Gorenstein basically wants to climb it as well. According to NBC New York, Gorenstein wants “to better...CONTINUE READING

Please watch this ridiculous video of a person driving a sheet of ice after breaking a pool

You’d be this pumped too if you rode a giant iceberg out of your pool. This ice pirate pulled a seriously impressive stunt when he destroyed the lining of an above ground pool. While taking out the side of the pool, he stood on top of the insanely thick sheet of ice inside the pool...CONTINUE READING

‘Jeopardy!’ fanatics are freaking out over the brand new layout for its ‘All Celebrity Video games’

Since the dawn of the the show, Jeopardy! has followed basically the same structure. When Alex Trebek appeared on the premiere of the Jeopardy! All Star Games on Wednesday evening and called the affair “a unique event in the 35 year history of Jeopardy! programming,” he sure wasn’t kidding. The quiz show decided to shake...CONTINUE READING

Recovery YouTube will deliver you deep into an web rabbit hollow

YouTube rabbit holes are an inescapable reality of the internet. You go to the site with one clip in mind and those damn thumbnails pique your interest enough to make you click on another video, and another, and another.  There is one benefit to the never-ending cycle of YouTube videos: You only need to watch...CONTINUE READING

Canine makes an attempt to reclaim its mattress from cussed cat, and fails

Everyone knows cats are infamous for their devil-may-care persona, and this feline is no exception. After taking the dog’s nighttime sleeping spot, this orange fur ball had no intention of moving over for the desperate dachshund who just wanted its comfy spot back. Try as it might, the little pup adorably fails at getting back...CONTINUE READING

This raccoon influencer says they in truth make excellent pets (however possibly persist with canine)

Herbert Hoover wasn’t the only one who thought raccoons make great pets.  Most people think of raccoons as devilish, garbage-eating jumbo-rodents. Or, one may think of popular animated characters like Meeko, Pocahontas’ cunning sidekick. Either way, it’s unlikely to imagine them playing fetch or eating marshmallows out of your hand.  But that’s not stopping some...CONTINUE READING

Delivery your self to a paranormal global with ambient soundscapes

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter. Have you ever wanted to live inside a virtual world? If so, put on some headphones and follow me this way. Welcome to the magical world of ambient...CONTINUE READING

Guy reveals his dishwasher overflowing with suds, so he made this catchy music

When you think of autotune, you generally think of T-Pain and awkward 8th grade dances. Well, let’s cleanse your mind. When @AliGriffin’s brother Liam came home to a dishwasher overflowing with soap, he freaked out. Of course the rational thing to do would be to make an autotune song out of the situation using the...CONTINUE READING
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