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Giant Hen has the most productive ‘thank u, subsequent’ meme but

Who needs Steak-umms or Moon Pie Twitter when you can have eight-foot-tall big yellow bird Twitter? On Wednesday morning, Big Bird decided to contribute his own “thank u, next” meme. Folks, it was good. The meme, which has been trending for weeks, came out of Ariana Grande’s latest hit, “thank u, next.” Big Bird came...CONTINUE READING

Nostalgic Instagram accounts discover queer ladies’s style of the ’90s

Between straight-to-the-trash reboots, Roseanne dramedy, and jeans big enough for the Partridge family to fit in, the ’90s nostalgia wave has hit the country hard in the past few years. You know what? Bring it on. If nothing else, digital nostalgia has brought us dykeyspice and multiple other Instagram accounts dedicated to exploring the feminist...CONTINUE READING

Julia Roberts headline typo makes issues actual awkward for native paper

Spell check isn’t always your friend — more like a casual acquaintance. Just look at what happened to the Post-Journal’s  stunning headline for an AP story they picked up this weekend about Julia Roberts.  It’s very possible the editor used spell check. Unfortunately for the paper, the function doesn’t always pick up on errors like...CONTINUE READING

Trump referred to as Tillerson ‘dumb as a rock’ and ‘lazy as hell’

Remember Rex Tillerson, Trump’s largely accomplishment-free Secretary of State? Well he’s back, this time with some long overdue criticism of our Commander in Chief. On Thursday, Tillerson spoke at a fundraiser for for the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The former Secretary of State “let loose,” as much as that limestone rock of a...CONTINUE READING

Kevin Hart launched a in reality terrible observation about his homophobic tweets

We live in the golden age of bad non-apologies, but Kevin Hart’s response to recent backlash over resurfaced homophobic jokes might take the cake. “Stop looking for reasons to be negative… Stop searching for reasons to be angry,” Hart wrote in his Instagram, along with a grainy video of him shirtless expressing the same sentiments....CONTINUE READING

Owner sets up security camera to figure out how their clever dog keeps escaping

The Dog Liberation Movement has officially begun. Take a look at this Frenchie, who used their dog wiles to break free from their designated dog zone. Unable to figure out how the dog kept escaping, the owner set up a camera to catch it in the act.   Congratulations on your dramatic escape, Frenchie. Read...CONTINUE READING

Kid Rock booted from Nashville Christmas parade in favor of local hero

Kid Rock will no longer serve as Grand Marshal for the Nashville Christmas parade. That honor now goes to James Shaw Jr., local hero of the Antioch Waffle House shooting. SEE ALSO: Christmas ad pokes fun at Trump and kids on the naughty list Organizers didn’t cite Kid Rock’s recent comments about Joy Behar, but...CONTINUE READING

8 ways you, a plebe, can celebrate Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding

It’s been a weird year for Hollywood celebrity couples (R.I.P. Peteiana but long live “thank u, next”), but a great one in Bollywood. Now it’s time for us to share the joy: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are marrying their cultures, their industries, and two whole countries (to say nothing of massive global fan bases),...CONTINUE READING
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