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How Slender Man embodies the fears of our digital age

When the internet created the Slender Man, it did not realize it had made manifest the fears of a whole generation adrift in the digital age. Faceless, amorphous, and boundless, the tall black-suited figure sprang from the crowdsourced anxieties of our online hivemind. Countless internet urban legends existed before and after him. But Slender rose...CONTINUE READING

Kellyanne Conway’s getting mocked for trying to diss her husband off the record

There are some things Kellyanne Conway just can’t spin her way out of. See: her most recent profile in The Washington Post. The paper interviewed Conway, chief counselor to President Donald Trump, as well her husband George Conway, a former Trump supporter turned Trump antagonist on Twitter.  Kellyanne being Kellyanne, she complained about her husband’s...CONTINUE READING

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s pet name for Don Jr. is apparently ‘Junior Mint’

Haven’t Junior Mints suffered enough? Next to Raisinets, they’ve always been the least popular candy at the movie theater. And now Page Six reports that former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle’s pet name for her boo Donald Trump Jr. is, allegedly, “Junior Mint.” I’m sorry, my sweet minty candy. You don’t deserve this. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

The 10 most unhinged parts of Omarosa’s ‘Unhinged’

We’re well into the second season of Trump: The Presidency, and Omarosa — who was supposed to have left after season one — keeps worming her way back into every episode. This week brings us Omarosa’s book Unhinged, a “juicy” tell-all about her brief tenure in the White House and her relationship with President Trump....CONTINUE READING

All the best queer memes inspired by Nintendo

Facts: ChuChu is smolgender. Kirby is agender and panromantic. The two are madly in love.  That’s according to Tumblr, which still maintains one of the internet’s largest de facto libraries of queer Nintendo memes. There are, to put it roughly, zillions of them. Perhaps more than any other gaming system, Nintendo is particularly (if unconsciously)...CONTINUE READING

Trump didn’t know Omarosa had been fired, new tape seems to show

President Donald Trump runs a tight ship — poised to crash into an iceberg at any second. No one knows this better than master villainess and former senior Trump administration official Omarosa ManigaultA new recording released by Manigault seems to show that Trump — you know, the president of the United States of America —...CONTINUE READING

Watch Pearl Jam play Chris Cornell’s ‘Missing’

Seattle hosted an all-star grunge festival this weekend featuring some of the era’s best acts. Of all the sets, Pearl Jam’s stood out the most. With the help of Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, the band covered Chris Cornell’s “Missing.” It’s been just a little over a year since Cornell’s suicide. SEE ALSO: Pearl Jam’s benefit...CONTINUE READING

After a painful Jimmy Kimmel interview, Kanye West drops a new track

Kanye West never leaves our news cycle — whether he’s there to stir up boring, gratuitous social media controversy or simply share music. Thankfully, this weekend gave us the latterDJ Clark Kent shared Kanye’s latest track, “XCTY,” on Twitter sometime Friday night. SEE ALSO: Here’s what Kimmel said after Kanye said we should try and...CONTINUE READING
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