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The best gifts for people who want a time machine back to the early aughts

Life has been hell for quite some time in the year of our lord, 2018. It wasn’t perfect before, either. But remember in the early aughts when our dumbass president choking on a pretzel was like major nation-wide news for several month?  Lol. Cute. Almost a gift of a gaffe, in light of our current...CONTINUE READING

Hillary Clinton reminds Trump that he asked Russia to hack her on live TV

President Trump has entertained plenty of deeply dangerous and upsetting conspiracy theories. This week’s had to be one of his dumbest. On Thursday, Hillary Clinton spoke out on Twitter about Donald’s latest theory: that she colluded with the Russians in the 2016 campaign. SEE ALSO: The Clintons are hitting the road for a new speaking...CONTINUE READING

‘Sims 4’ expansion lets you ‘Get Famous’ as an influencer, because 2018 is hell

Get your best beauty blogging face on, folks, because The Sims is about to get extremely 2018 with its latest expansion pack, Get Famous. Since apparently Simoleons weren’t enough nonsense currency for the popular life simulator, the made-up value of social media influence will now become available with the new expansion releasing on Nov. 16....CONTINUE READING

Steak-umm is using anti-consumerism to get you to buy. Snooze.

Twitter has a new therapist. Surprise, surprise, it’s a frozen steak brand. Last week, the legendary frozen meat Steak-umm had a Network-style outburst on Twitter, touching on everything from college debt to unemployment to millennial nihilism. Steak-umm had been building up to this moment for months, having previously explored the relationship between love and beef...CONTINUE READING

Dr. Blasey Ford testifies before 17 male senators and almost no women

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford delivered gut-wrenching testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday — and not to the most representative audience, either. Kavanaugh’s accuser told her story to 17 male Senators and just four female Senators today.  Female prosecutor Rachel Mitchell was also on the panel to assist in the questioning. The eleven Republicans...CONTINUE READING

The Casio Secret Sender JD-6000 was the *original* messaging gadget

Poor ’90s tweens! They never used Facebook Messenger. They couldn’t text people from their iPhones, they couldn’t add GIFs to their WhatsApp messages, and they were far too young for any Twitter DMs.  Somehow, they survived. And a lucky few of them even had access to one of the most sophisticated pieces of messaging technology...CONTINUE READING

Here’s President Trump toasting the UN with a wine glass full of Diet Coke

President Trump once tweeted, “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” While at the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday, however, Trump let the waiter pour him a big ol’ Diet Coke — and into a wine glass at that. The optics of the resulting photos are alarmingly bad — especially since the...CONTINUE READING

Scott Walker’s latest ad is one of the most bizarre campaign ads of 2018

Why are Republicans so bad at pop culture? Who can help them? Take Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who’s struggling to keep up with his Democratic competition. On Tuesday, Walker’s team decided to throw up a campaign ad that seems to reference the hit…1970s children television show The Electric Company. This segment was weird then. It’s...CONTINUE READING

Supermarket hummus is garbage. Instead, make your own.

This is You Won’t Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team. People nowadays are under tremendous pressure to do everything themselves, whether it’s designing our own clothes, building our own internet or — good God — making our own lunch for work. It’s too damn...CONTINUE READING

People across the country stage walk outs in solidarity with sexual assault survivors

It’s been a particularly traumatizing week for victims of sexual assault and harassment. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh now faces at least two accusations of sexual misconduct, and yet, Senate Republicans remain determined to appoint him. In response, women’s rights organizations organized a national walkout on Monday at 1 pm ET in solidarity with survivors....CONTINUE READING
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