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True pal takes ‘ship me a %’ to a complete new stage

Anyone that’s ever done their shopping online knows that things always look different in real life. So, when Twitter user @Dnschtt’s friend asked to see the packages she ordered to his house, he didn’t disappoint.  “She was like let me see them, so I sent her a pic of the packages,”  Dnschtt tweeted. Apparently that...CONTINUE READING

Bumble now allows you to clear out other folks through their zodiac indicators. Clear out me out.

I’m a Virgo, so apparently that means I’m bound to be anal about things. Forgive me while I whine. It’s been clear for a while that astrology has moved successfully into the mainstream. For millions of people searching for some kind of spiritual grounding in their life (or just something to do while they’re bored...CONTINUE READING

The ‘and it displays’ meme is getting more unusual by means of the day

Perhaps you’ve seen the ‘and it shows…” meme going around for the past few days. Well, in true internet fashion, they’ve reached their weirdness fever pitch. The meme format began as a way to highlight how growing up with or without specific things — like a granite kitchen island or those damn Livestrong bracelets —...CONTINUE READING

Employee reveals horrific marvel hiding in outdated telephone

Cockroaches just love to gather in places they shouldn‘t.  Recently, in Sydney, Australia, construction workers opened an old landline phone to reveal a Bloomin’ Onion’s worth of dead cockroaches.  Maybe these roaches were trying to phone a friend or perhaps eavesdrop on some juicy gossip. Either way, we’re steering clear of landlines forever.  Read more…...CONTINUE READING

YouTuber breaks down Ed Sheeran’s formulation for hits

Ed Sheeran has a distinct sound that makes him easy to recognize — anywhere, anytime. So distinct, in fact, you can say it follows a formula, one that’s devastatingly simple to imitate. YouTuber Brett Domino has cracked the Sheeran code in a how-to video demonstrating what it takes to create an original Ed Sheeran bop....CONTINUE READING

This blameless Disney youngsters toy sings a track that sounds very, very NSFW

As far as talking cars go, Lightning McQueen always seemed like a total hornball. YouTuber Boo Tube recently uploaded a video featuring a highly sexualized Lightning McQueen car. What starts out as a generic, bubbly pop song soon turns into something that would make anyone with functioning eardrums do a double take. It’s a sight...CONTINUE READING

Rashida Tlaib’s swearing-in apparel triggered a fantastic #tweetyourthobe hashtag

When Rashida Tlaib was sworn into Congress on Thursday, her election had already made history – and there, in the U.S. Capitol, her attire followed suit. Tlaib wore a thobe, or traditional Palestinian robe, which inspired Palestinian-American women around the country to share their own with the Twitter hashtag #TweetYourThobe. Notably, Tlaib was sworn in...CONTINUE READING

Lizzo’s newest unmarried is a great lovely homage to ’80s workout movies

Some music videos are just made to be transformed into GIFs. Take Lizzo’s latest single, “Juice,” a raw neon throwback to the greatest exercise videos of the ’80s (Jane Fonda, anyone?). It’s been over three years since Lizzo released an LP. Thank you, Lizzo, for kicking off 2019 in the most fluorescent way possible. Read...CONTINUE READING
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