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<div>This man's Disney princess cosplay is almost too magical to behold</div>

Being a princess is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Richard Schaefer, a 22-year-old makeup artist and fashion design student from California, uses his many talents to transform himself into beloved Disney characters, especially the kind-hearted and beautiful princesses we all grew up with. SEE ALSO: Disney Characters Become Part of Our...CONTINUE READING

Baby snake holding tiny toy donut is unexpectedly cute

Pets don’t have to be fluffy to be cute. If you’re not fond of scaly creatures, this baby African house snake named Donut might not be your ideal pet. However, seeing her slither around her owner’s hand holding her tiny toy donut might change your mind. Cuteness clearly comes from unexpected places. Supercut of Stephen...CONTINUE READING

Woman accidentally dresses exactly like a Rocket Pop

You can find fashion inspiration anywhere — including the freezer aisle. Redditor teemdee posted a picture of his girlfriend dressed to go to a wedding. Unfortunately, she discovered that her fancy dress combined with her shiny, bright red hair unintentionally made her resemble a Rocket Pop. SEE ALSO: Woman commits a fashion faux pas by...CONTINUE READING

Adorable barber shop dog just wants a little off the ears, please

Not all dogs avoid the groomers. Benny the bulldog, in particular, loves hanging out at his local spot, Empire BarberShop in Dublin, Ireland. SEE ALSO: Dogs can understand what you’re saying and how you say it The young pup has been a regular there since August, and the owners of Empire frequently share photos and...CONTINUE READING

<div>Here's what happens when you melt a TV with a blowtorch, if you were curious</div>

Try not to cry in the next two minutes. Aptly named YouTube channel Let’s Melt This took a blow torch to humanity’s loyal friend, a flat-screen TV, because we must always destroy what we truly love. Also, it’s just fun to melt things. Rest in peace, TV. We hardly knew ye. Homemade version of ‘Die...CONTINUE READING

<div>'Kindergarten Cop' mashup just about sums up Australian politics in 2016</div>

Even if you know nothing about recent Australian news, this mashup of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990 film Kindergarten Cop feels like a fairly universal bit of political commentary. Appearing on ABC’s Insiders, the clip reveals just how tough-but-fair undercover detective John Kimble would handle a classroom full of hapless politicians. Don’t worry, nothing is under control....CONTINUE READING

<div>'Enjoy the tea!': Man confronts racist conversation with a nice pot of tea</div>

A Perth man’s clever response after overhearing a racist conversation in a café has gone viral on Facebook. In a post that has been “liked” more than 9,000 times, Jarred Wall described how during lunch, he overheard two elderly women speaking about Aboriginal Australians. He suggested their conversation was “less than distasteful with words like...CONTINUE READING

<div>Tailgating bro makes 'send beer money' sign, fellow sports fans do the rest</div>

Well, this is one way to, uh, fundraise. Esteemed bro Sam Crowder, who apparently needed beer money before Saturday’s football matchup between Virginia Tech and the University of Tennessee, held up a sign reading “Hi mom! Send beer money” while tailgating in Bristol, Tennessee. SEE ALSO: Very chill bro gets an up close look at...CONTINUE READING
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