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<div>Subway employee zaps bugs near customers' food</div>

Subway sandwiches come with a variety of innovative toppings — now including dead bugs. In a recently viral video posted to Facebook, Justin Clemons, a concerned customer, watches in horror as a Subway employee zaps bugs near the restaurant’s sandwich counter. The restaurant, located in Franklin, Indiana, was closed yesterday as local health department officials...CONTINUE READING
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Girl in inflatable T-Rex costume logically crowned homecoming queen

Homecoming dresses are out, and inflatable T-Rex costumes are proudly making their way in. In Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sarah MacDonald, a high school student, recently decided to wear a giant inflatable T-Rex costume to her homecoming. But instead of being shamed, she was applauded and subsequently crowned homecoming queen. SEE ALSO: Because regular lightning is...CONTINUE READING

Disney removes healthy gumbo recipe after Louisiana revolts

There’s one golden rule to gumbo: It’s not good, unless it’s really, really bad for you. Disney recently came under fire after the company posted a video titled, “Princess Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo.” The recipe included such non-traditional, healthy ingredients as quinoa and kale — and Louisianans everywhere just weren’t having it. SEE ALSO: This man’s...CONTINUE READING
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<div>This smiley dog taking a bath will brighten anyone's day</div>

Normally, when dogs hear the words “bath time” they immediately jump under the nearest bed. Not this pup. Boasting over 73,000 followers on Instagram, this dog named Heanooni from Seoul, South Korea, always seems to have a smile on its face, even when bath time comes around. In fact, this dog willingly hopped in after...CONTINUE READING

This website allows you to make the La Croix flavor of your dreams

La Croix might be taking over your life, but does it express your inner self? Your favorite seltzer comes in so many tastes from popular pamplemousse (or grapefruit, if you’re a La Croix newbie) to the bewildering cola flavor.  SEE ALSO: Whole Foods cake proves we’ve reached peak LaCroix While there is something for everyone...CONTINUE READING
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