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Category / Weather

Know-it-all groundhog releases obvious public statement about the winter

If you’re especially bored this Friday and prefer to get your news from incredulous sources, you may be interested in this video of Punxsutawney Phil predicting the weather. Spoiler Alert: Phil predicts six more weeks of winter. SEE ALSO: This TV channel is celebrating Groundhog Day in a hilarious way These faithful followers of Phil...CONTINUE READING
Category:Culture, Weather, Winter

The coldest village on Earth can make your face look like a popsicle

A village in Russia’s Yakutia region named Oymyakon is apparently the coldest “permanently settled” place on earth. People’s eyelashes actually freeze and the thermostat hits -58 degree Celsius (-72.4 degrees Fahrenheit) with temperatures dipping even further. Proudly known as “The Pole of the Cold”, Oymyakon has a population of about 500 people. Despite everything being...CONTINUE READING
Category:Cold, Russia, Snow, Weather, Winter

Insane video shows tree falling just inches from woman and her baby in a stroller

A woman and her baby came just inches from certain death after a tree fell during a major windstorm in the Netherlands.  Security cam footage timestamped on Thursday from a snack cart in Horst shows a woman pushing her child in a stroller next to a large tree. Suddenly, as the woman is passing, the...CONTINUE READING

Dutch people are sharing terrifying storm footage from the Netherlands

As a dangerous storm blows across the Netherlands, the Dutch people are documenting the truly horrifying storm damage in real time. Per the BBC, three people in Netherlands and one person in Germany have died in the stormAl Jazeera reports others have been injured, including three people who were hurt by falling ceiling panels at...CONTINUE READING

Finally, a car umbrella to keep your vehicle cool in high temps

‘Lanmodo’ is a wireless automatic car tent. The tent is held into place with powerful suction and automatically expands with the click of a button. It can reportedly withstand winds up to 30 mph. It also transforms into a beach umbrella and camping tent. Read more…More about Climate, Cars, Mashable Video, Weather, and Windows admin...CONTINUE READING