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Bold kid crashes local weather report, forecasting 'farts and toots'

Patrick Ellis, meteorologist for Jackson, Mississippi, was just trying to get through the evening news when a pint-sized surprise guest ran onto the set and promptly wreaked hilarious havoc. “I don’t know what’s going on,” Houston, the weather-forecast crasher, says by way of opening his unplanned new segment. “Are you sure? Are you really sure?”...CONTINUE READING
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Summer 2017 feels like it’s on steroids – and it’s only going to get worse

This summer has brought wildfires to heat waves and flash floods thanks in part to global warming. These extreme events show how warming temperatures and unpredictable weather can bring about brutal summers that may get worse over the years. Read more…More about Climate, Science, Mashable Video, Weather, and France Powered by WPeMatico

This is what it sounds like to stand next to a lightning strike

It’s a rare (and slightly terrifying) experience to witness a massive lightning strike just a few yards away. It’s even rarer to capture said lightning strike on camera. Per Storyful, San Antonio, Texas resident Christopher Aldrete managed both on Monday morning, capturing footage of lightning striking his neighbor’s house during a thunderstorm that led to...CONTINUE READING

Blistering heat wave torches Southwest U.S., forcing airlines to cancel flights

The heat in the Southwest United States is building to a peak on Tuesday and Wednesday, with everything from power disruptions to flight cancellations expected as humans and machinery fall apart in this extreme weather.  Phoenix, Arizona will make a run at its all-time highest temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit, with a forecast high of...CONTINUE READING

‘Fujiwhara effect,’ a rare weather event marked by dancing cyclones, expected this week

A rare, ultimately fatal dance is expected to occur this week between two hurricanes in the eastern Pacific Ocean. This tango occurs when two storms get close enough for their circulations to interact, sending them pinwheeling around a fixed point between them somewhat like a meteorological version of a fidget spinner. Hurricanes Hilary and Irwin...CONTINUE READING
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The Southwest U.S. heat wave broke dozens of temperature records, giving us a glimpse at our climate future

An unusually wide-reaching and long-lasting heat wave has gripped at least six states for an entire week, breaking or tying dozens of hot weather records. Temperatures were so high that certain aircraft couldn’t fly out of airports including Phoenix and Palm Springs, offering a preview of what may happen to transportation networks as the climate...CONTINUE READING

Hurricane Hunters capture incredible footage flying through historic Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma takes a buzzsaw to islands in the Caribbean, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is giving the world an intense aerial view of the Category 5 storm. SEE ALSO: Flying a plane through Hurricane Irma looks absolutely terrifying NOAA’s Hurricane Hunters Twitter account shared incredible footage captured from a Tuesday flight,...CONTINUE READING
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Donald Trump finally tweeted about Hurricane Irma … and boy are they strange

There’s no denying Donald Trump loves to tweet, but when given the opportunity to craft 140-character messages to comfort those in need, he hasn’t been very reliable. As the potentially catastrophic Hurricane Irma slams islands in the Caribbean, likely heading towards the U.S. east coast, President Trump has sent out two tweets about the storm...CONTINUE READING
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