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Just how hot is ‘hot as balls?’ One curious man found out.

Have you ever wondered just how hot it has to be outside for someone to say it’s “hot as balls?” One very curious man did. Over the past year Jim Webb, a web developer in Washington D.C., developed a project to analyze tweets that correlated language and temperatures. Every time someone used a temperature phrase...CONTINUE READING

In honor of Earth Day, here’s the most detailed satellite view of the Northern Hemisphere yet

The newest polar-orbiting satellite in the U.S. fleet snapped the most detailed image of the Northern Hemisphere, just in time for Earth Day.  The satellite photo — taken by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) NOAA-20 spacecraft — looks down on the top of the globe, showing the ice-covered North Pole, as well as...CONTINUE READING

Some Californians are having a frightening invasion of tumbleweeds

I always imagined tumbleweeds to be harmless and picturesque, but these California residents know otherwise. In high desert areas of California like Victorville, thousands of tumbleweeds blew in on a particularly windy day yesterday, covering resident’s lawns and backyards entirely. The high winds were associated with a storm system swinging out of the Southwest, bringing...CONTINUE READING

Watch harrowing footage from a couple’s dangerous brush with a tornado

Though Savannah and Brandon Boerjan are doing fine after their brush with a tornado, a video shared shared thousands of times on Facebook shows the harrowing moments before their car and adjoining camper were run off the road. In the now-viral clip shared Friday, Savannah – of Arkansas, per THV 11 – struggles to remain...CONTINUE READING

Weird orange snow captivates skiers in eastern Europe

About every five years, the snow turns orange in parts of eastern Europe. That happened again over the weekend, stunning skiers in Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, and other places in the region, with photos of the oddity appearing on social media. SEE ALSO: Historic snowstorm slams East Coast, as winter stages hostile takeover of spring According...CONTINUE READING

Tropical Cyclone Nora intensifies off Australia’s northern coast

While Australia’s been dealing with the year’s strongest storm on one side of the country, another tropical cyclone is ramping things up in the north. Category 2 Tropical Cyclone Nora continues to intensify toward a Category 3, reports the Bureau of Meteorology, and is moving in a southeasterly path towards the Gulf of Carpentaria. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Weather app glitch makes it look like hell is basically freezing over

East coasters have already survived four nor’easters at this point, but according to weather app, Dark Sky, the worst of times is just ahead. SEE ALSO: Kindergartners should probably always do the weather report The app, which uses hyper-local radar data to generate weather predictions, is predicting that this Saturday we’re going to descend into...CONTINUE READING

Kindergartners should probably always do the weather report

Nashville kindergartner Carden Corts (he already has a perfect anchorman name) produced what might be the best Kindergarten-level project in existence.  The assignment was to make a weather forecast video for school, and his father, who works in video production, helped him out. Seriously though, the only assignments I had in Kindergarten were coloring books....CONTINUE READING
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